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From inspiring superhero characters to fueling nightmares with their unusual appearances, spiders have firmly planted themselves in the psyche of humankind throughout the world, and the western United States is no exception. From beneficial wolf spiders to venomous black widows, these arachnids often creep into Arizona homes and businesses in search of moths, flies, and other pests to eat.

Spiders may keep other pests’ populations in check, but their presence in your space isn’t always welcome (especially if they’re deadly). Prefer to keep these eight-legged hunters outdoors? Learn how to identify and prevent them from inviting themselves into your space. 

Types of Spiders in Arizona

The types of spiders that spook residents around Arizona include: 

How to Identify Spiders

Aside from the common traits of having eight eyes, eight legs, and two body segments (a cephalothorax and abdomen), each species of spider has its own unique appearance. The best way to identify a spider is to focus on its coloring, size, and any distinguishing markings. 

Unfortunately, spiders’ typically smaller size often requires getting up close and personal with them. Without the proper training and protective equipment, you find out more about a spider than just its species—you could also experience its bite. 

Before you have an unpleasant experience with a spider, bring in Burns’ professionals to safely and accurately identify it.

How to Prevent Spiders in Arizona

Spiders typically are drawn to dark, cool spaces where they can hunt or build a web to snag their next meal. That means they could be lurking under your bed or in the depths of your closet, or somewhere around your garage. The best way to prevent spiders from invading your Arizona home is to keep it clean. 

Vacuuming consistently will help you clean up the pests that spiders feed on, remove webs, and maybe even trap the spiders themselves. You should also keep seasonal clothes, blankets, and other items in airtight containers to minimize the risk of a spider snuggling up inside them.

Say Goodbye to Spiders in Arizona & Las Vegas Today

Because their main food source is other insects, a spider infestation can indicate other pest problems, too. When you spy spiders in your Arizona home, take action with Burns Pest Elimination; we’ll get you set up with a regular pest control program that helps prevent creepy-crawlers along with spiders. Give our team a call for more information, or request a quote online today!

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