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Arizona ants can surely be a nuisance and seem to materialize out of thin air. Being such small insects, they are able to slip inside through the smallest of cracks and feast on food and crumbs around your home. Worse yet, many ants will release pheromones to signal their whereabouts, summoning other ants to infest along with them. Though small and relatively harmless to humans, a large population of ants may cause structural damage to homes or businesses or contaminate food.

Learn about the different ant species we see here in Arizona, and request a free pest control quote today to take back your home and yard with Burns Pest Elimination.

Types of Ants in Arizona

There are hundreds of types of ants in the United States, yet only a handful of species are known to infest Arizona homes. Some of the ants you might find inside include:

Ant Prevention Tips

When ants bring their colonies into your home, they can be nearly impossible to eliminate without professional help. However, there are various preventive steps you can take to keep ants away in the first place, such as:

  • Eliminating access to sources of food and water
  • Sealing all food in your kitchen and pantries
  • Cleaning up spills as they occur and regularly disposing of garbage outside
  • Closing off all possible gaps, cracks, crevices, and other potential pest entry points
  • For carpenter ants that are capable of chewing through wood:
  • Keeping branches, firewood, and other types of vegetation away from brushing up against your building and foundation

Ant Control Solutions in Arizona and Las Vegas

If an ant infestation is making you antsy, don’t let them overtake your space. It’s not too late: Call Burns or contact us today for quality insect control services!

We provide ant control services in the following areas:


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