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Dark brown cockroach.

What Do Cockroaches Look Like?

Most cockroaches in the United States are one of two varieties: the German roach or the American roach. German cockroaches are about half an inch in length and are yellowish-brown in color. American cockroaches, meanwhile, can grow up to two inches long. Both the German and American cockroaches are of the order Blattodea and have a shield-like shell covering their thorax, long and thin antennae, and mandibles adapted for chewing.

In Arizona, we also see some of the smoky brown cockroach—which tends to stay outside but can end up indoors either by flying to higher ground or crawling through openings.

Common Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are nocturnal and tend not to venture out where there is bright light. As a result, you may not see the roaches themselves for a while after they are actually infesting your home or business. If you suspect you may have a cockroach infestation or have seen one and wonder if there are more, keep your eyes out for these signs:

  • Droppings – Roaches leave tiny droppings that look like ground pepper where they have been.
  • Scurrying sounds – Keep an ear out for the sound of roaches as they scurry about.
  • Odor – Roaches can produce a musty or pungent smell that gets worse the longer an infestation lingers.

Where Can Cockroaches Live?

Cockroaches are drawn to three main things in your Arizona home or commercial building: food, moisture, and heat. You can often find them near sinks, radiators, or wherever they can find food. As a result, they are usually found in the following places:

  • Basements
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Crawlspaces

Roaches are famous for being able to consume almost anything. Not only do they consume things that other pests would eat, such as bread, meat, crackers, sugar, rice, and the like, but they will happily consume other organic matter. This can include such items as toothpaste, soap, hair, and waste. Cockroaches will even consume the starch found in book bindings.

As long as they have food, moisture, and heat, cockroaches can stick around your home indefinitely, breeding as they go.

Call Burns: We Can Catch Your Cockroaches

Though there are things you can do to prevent cockroaches—such as storing food properly, wiping up excess moisture or spills, and ensuring there aren’t easy entrances into your home from outside—roaches are durable creatures that can creatively make their way into your space.

If you do have a cockroach infestation, don’t panic. Contact Burns Pest Elimination to request a free pest control quote. Our technicians are trained to eliminate the invaders in your home and help you roach-proof your home so you stay that way. Give us a call to schedule cockroach control services in Arizona or Las Vegas today!

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