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Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Thriving in humid climates near water and food, smoky brown cockroaches fly and crawl into the spaces you most likely don’t want them in your residential or commercial property. Although they usually prefer outdoor climates, when the weather turns cold, these insects can gather around the perimeter of your home in block walls, mulched flower beds, gutters, or piles of leaves in search of light and moisture. 

How to Identify the Smoky Brown Cockroach

You can spot the smoky brown cockroach by its: 

  • Size of about 1 1/4 inches 
  • Wings longer than its body
  • Six legs 
  • Deep mahogany color 
  • Adult: Shiny exterior with a uniform color, which offers camouflage against predators 
  • Nymph: White stripe on thorax and tips of antennae 

How to Prevent Smoky Brown Roaches in Arizona

Smoky brown cockroaches can fly to higher ground and make themselves at home inside attics, crawlspaces, and roofs by sneaking into any crack they can find. To prevent an infestation of these unpleasant pests in your Arizona home, eliminate obvious outdoor sources of food and shelter, and close off any possible entrances to your home. Ensure attics and crawlspaces have adequate ventilation and that windows and vents have tight-fitting screens. 

Call Today for Professional Smoky Brown Cockroach Control 

Eliminating food, moisture, and entry points into buildings are all proactive steps to prevent the smoky brown cockroach from invading your home. However, a chronic infestation calls for professional intervention. Burns Pest Elimination offers home and business pest control services to help get rid of smoky brown cockroaches in Arizona or Las Vegas. Contact our experts today or request a free cockroach control quote online! 

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