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Latest from Burns Pest Elimination

06 May
Close-up shot of a common rat with dark gray and brown fur sitting in leaves and grass.
Rat Identification 101: A Comprehensive Guide

No matter where you go, some of nature’s more unsavory characters always find a way to show themselves. Mosquitoes, weeds, and more show up in most places, most of the time, left to their own devices. Rats are no different. Throughout history, rats have persisted, adapted, and conquered their territory right beneath our feet. Unfortunately, […]

06 May
The side-view of a common house spider crawling along a wood floor.
Know Your Crawlers: Arizona Spider Guide

Anyone who has spent significant time in Arizona has probably encountered some of the local eight-legged wildlife, whether they wanted to or not. At Burns Pest Elimination, we understand people’s worry when confronted by spiders inside and outside the home. While they aren’t all dangerous, they’re always at least a little bit scary—especially when they […]

06 May
A swarm of honeybees gather outside their hive.
Beware of the Bees: How To Manage Spring Bee Swarms Safely

Bees play a crucial role in pollination, making them vital to the health of ecosystems and agricultural productivity. However, with its diverse ecosystems and vast stretches of arid landscapes, the American Southwest has experienced a noticeable increase in bee activity in recent years. This surge in bee populations can bring about challenges, particularly for those […]

06 May
A view of a scorpion crawling across a tiled floor in front of a pair of bare feet.
Scorpion Proofing Your Home in Spring 

When we think of scorpions, a certain menacing visage pops into our brains—the shiny outer shell, the pincers, and their iconic stinger. But don’t let scorpions intimidate you. With the right approach and planning, anyone can enjoy a blissful spring season without wandering scorpions. Burns Pest Elimination is setting out to prove it to you. […]

15 Mar
5 Rat Prevention Tips for Restaurants and Food Businesses

Few words inspire fear in the hearts of restaurant owners and food service managers as much as “rats.” If one of these creatures is spotted or even suspected, the well-being of your business may be at risk. It’s better to stop the problem before it starts because eliminating infesting rats is harder than discouraging them […]

12 Feb
How To Prevent Rodents in the Winter: A Guide

How To Prevent Rodents in the Winter: A Guide As the winter season arrives, rodents seek refuge in the warmth of our homes, which can quickly become a nightmare. However, with the help of Burns Pest Elimination, a trusted Las Vegas and Arizona pest control company, you can learn effective strategies to keep these unwelcome […]

19 Jan
5 Common Winter Pests in Arizona

Arizona’s winter may not be frigid enough to eliminate pests completely, but it compels them to invade your residence or commercial business in search of warmth. In this blog, discover five of Arizona’s most persistent household pests that seek refuge indoors in winter, including clever rats and elusive bedbugs. Learn to identify infestations and protect […]

14 Dec
A rat walks in the snow looking for food.
Winter Rat Prevention Tips to Defend Your Home

As winter sets in, the cozy warmth of your home becomes an inviting refuge not just for your family but for unwanted rodent visitors as well. Rats and other rodents seek shelter and sustenance indoors during the colder months, posing a potential threat to your property and health. In this blog from the pros at […]

02 Dec
Scorpion on the floor near a person’s foot.
Do Scorpions Hibernate? Debunking Winter Scorpion Myths

With their ancient lineage and formidable appearance, scorpions often evoke a sense of mystery. Before we explore their winter habits, the team at Burns Pest Elimination delves into the basics to understand how to identify these arachnids and gain insights into their behaviors. Identifying Scorpions: Appearance and Behavior Scorpions are members of the arachnid family […]

18 Nov
Two large rats climbing through a wrought iron fence.
Mice vs. Rats: Understanding the Key Differences

People think rodents, like mice and rats, are the same, but knowing their key differences is important to deal with infestations effectively. Thankfully, the experts at Burns Pest Elimination have the knowledge and experience to share what you should look for when identifying what type of pest you’re dealing with. Despite their similarities, mice and […]