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Latest from Burns Pest Elimination

30 Jun
Backlit silhouette of a cricket crawling on a green leaf
Are You Being Overrun By Crickets? Here’s 5 Things To Try

Crickets chirping – a sound that puts many people to sleep across the country. If you combine crickets with a babbling brook, it’s an instant recipe for snoozing and snoring. However, for those who live in congested residential areas with loud neighbors and passing cars, the sound of crickets is added noise, especially when these […]

29 Jun
Several brown bed bugs crawl around a ripped seam in a mattress
How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

Typically, when you go on vacation, you may want to bring home a few souvenirs with you to remember your time from your trip. However, one memento we’re certain you don’t want to bring home with you are bed bugs. Recognized by their flat exoskeleton and reddish-brown color, these bloodthirsty pests are known for reproducing […]

27 May
Why Are Scorpions Attracted to Your Home?

Where there are desert climates, you will likely find a scorpion or two — meaning if you live in the arid southwestern states, there’s a chance you may have stumbled upon one of these creepy and dangerous arachnids in your house. It may seem obvious, but the best way to eliminate a scorpion infestation in […]

04 May
How Dangerous Is a Cockroach Infestation Really?

Cockroach infestations can be more than just an annoying nuisance — they can be downright dangerous. Cockroaches are incredibly unsanitary, with the ability to spread hazardous bacteria, viruses, and parasites around your home or business, leading to disease and other health risks. This pest can also cause structural damages to your property, while emitting odors […]

24 Apr
Good Bee, Bad Bee: How to Tell the Difference

As you’ve likely noticed, there’s been a growing push over the last several years to protect the world’s declining bee population. While many people are afraid of bees, they actually play a vital role in nature by pollinating crops and helping maintain ecological balance. This is certainly the case in the Grand Canyon State, as […]

18 Apr
All-Season Advice to Avoid Mice in Your Home

Mice, rats, and other rodents are notoriously hard to catch. Their small size and ability to squeeze through tiny openings give them the ability to slip into homes through places that seem impossible. Whether its to avoid the heat of summer or the winter chill, rodents are always looking for comfortable places to nest containing […]

31 Mar
Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

The coming of spring heralds the return of warm weather and green plants. On the other hand, the weather starting to warm up again means that bugs and other pests will start being more active too. When pests start hunting for sources of food and water in the spring, your home can make an all […]

17 Mar
Summertime Pests You Should Look Out For in the Desert

As the calendar turns the corner into summer, many people celebrate cold weather entering the rearview mirror for a few months. When you live in a desert environment like Arizona, though, you know the start of summer means the return of brutal heat—and some annoying pests. Every year, Arizona residents are routinely tasked with dealing […]

28 Feb
Types of Termites in Arizona

In Arizona, termites can eat away at homes, businesses, and other structures, causing damages that jeopardize the integrity of the building and come with a hefty repair bill. And while there are more than 15 different types of termites that call Arizona home, there are three that typically cause problems for property owners: dampwood, drywood, […]

31 Jan
Scorpion Control Tips for Your Home

Preventive Scorpion Care for Your Arizona Home Although Arizona bark scorpions are one of the smallest of the scorpion species, they sure pack a punch. A sting from a bark scorpion is not only extremely painful, but it can also cause severe symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. As the temperatures begin to heat up […]