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17 Apr
Citronella candles.
5 Mosquito-Repelling Tips for Staying Bite-Free

Nothing puts the kibosh on warm-weather fun like mosquitoes. These pests do more than just crash outdoor parties, though. They carry potentially serious diseases like yellow fever and the West Nile virus. Avoid mosquito bites with help from these tips from Burns Pest Control. We go beyond bug spray to provide safe, effective, professional pest […]

09 Oct
pigeons roosting on AZ home
How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Pigeons From Your Home

Pigeon control is always a concern, whether in urban settings or on the farm. These pesky birds carry dozens of diseases, bring ticks and mites into homes and businesses, and damage property with their highly acidic droppings. These tips from Burns Pest Elimination, providing pest control services to the Phoenix, AZ, area, will help keep […]

08 May
Beekeeper doing an inspection in a suit.
Do Killer Bees Deserve Their Reputation?

Africanized bees wouldn’t exist in the western hemisphere without a lot of help from mankind. In the 1950s, scientists in Brazil who were attempting to breed African bees with docile European honeybees allowed some subjects to escape quarantine. The so-called “killer bees” have spread steadily northward ever since, and their range now includes much of the southwestern […]

08 May
Mosquito on hand.
Spider, Bee, or Scorpion: Identifying Serious Bug Bites & Stings

It’s happened to all of us. You feel a sudden pinch or sting, and you look down to find that you’ve become the latest victim of a hit-and-run bug bite. Since some bites can be serious, not knowing what attacked you is frightening. Here are tips for recognizing and handling four of the most common […]

08 May
Spider on the floor of a home.
Not Every Insect in Your Home Is a Pest

When most people see a small creature with an exoskeleton and too many legs, their immediate reaction is to squish it. After all, bugs are pests, and pests have no place in the home, right? The truth, however, is a little more complicated. Some of the little creatures in your home might actually be doing […]

08 May
Wood damaged by termites.
In Arizona, Where Are Termites Most Likely to Live (and Hide)?

With densely forested mountains, deep canyons and arid expanses of desert, Arizona is a biologically diverse state. In each part of our beautiful region, you’re apt to encounter termites in one form or another. However, not all of these critters are created equal. To ensure that your home is protected from truly voracious termite colonies, […]

08 May
Spider on web.
Reclaim Your Porch from Industrious Spiders

In the warm Arizona climate, spiders are a fact of life, and that’s not such a bad thing. While they might give us humans the creeps, our eight-legged friends are responsible for keeping the local insect population under control—a very important job for both people and the natural environment. Save for rare poisonous species that should be […]

05 May
Cockroach on food in the kitchen.
The Most Effective Ways to Keep Roaches at Bay

How to Slow Down Determined Invaders They move so fast that it’s hard to believe their sprint across your kitchen floor only clocks in at 3 miles per hour. If they were your size, roaches would storm through the house at a scary 210 miles per hour. How can a harried homeowner slow down these […]

05 May
ground squirrel leaping
More Than Cute: Squirrels and The Damage They Cause

Know What Squirrels Can Do to Your Home Do a Google image search for “squirrel damage to homes” and you’ll find an array of nasty problems before your eyes. Doing damage ranging from mild to severe, a squirrel infestation is nothing to joke about. Yes, squirrels are cute. You love watching them leap through trees […]

04 May
Subterranean Termites.
When Is My Home Most at Risk for a Termite Infestation?

Know When to Be Vigilant and Prepared According to the University of Arizona, termites are the “number one urban pest” in our fair state. These voracious pests can chew through the wood that supports our homes, destroying our walls and foundation. Although they’re a constant presence in infested homes, new infestations tend not to occur all year […]