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Category: Pest Elimination
18 Nov
Two large rats climbing through a wrought iron fence.
Mice vs. Rats: Understanding the Key Differences

People think rodents, like mice and rats, are the same, but knowing their key differences is important to deal with infestations effectively. Thankfully, the experts at Burns Pest Elimination have the knowledge and experience to share what you should look for when identifying what type of pest you’re dealing with. Despite their similarities, mice and […]

20 Oct
Wolf spider perches above egg sac
How To Protect Your Pets From Wolf Spiders

How To Protect Your Pets From Wolf Spiders Having a pet around the house can liven up your home in ways nothing else can. From a bouncing puppy to a purring cat, pet ownership should be an absolute joy for you and your loved ones. But, when you have a problem with wolf spiders around […]

13 Oct
Mosquitoes fly above a field in the backlight of the evening sun.
Places Mosquitoes Hide and Breed Around Your Yard

Places Mosquitoes Hide and Breed Around Your Southwest Yard In the heat of desert states, mosquitoes are a common problem that plague yards across the Arizona, Nevada, and more. Not only do they bring several health concerns, such as the spread of diseases, but they can also make your yard more uncomfortable to be in. […]

21 Aug
How To Protect Your Home From the Ant Army

We all know how hot the summer season can get, especially in the dry heat of Arizona. While we can use our homes as cooler, more comfortable resting places, the armies of ants outside don’t have their own place to go. This is why they try to join us in our well-decorated, air-conditioned places of […]

30 Jun
Backlit silhouette of a cricket crawling on a green leaf
Are You Being Overrun By Crickets? Here’s 5 Things To Try

Crickets chirping – a sound that puts many people to sleep across the country. If you combine crickets with a babbling brook, it’s an instant recipe for snoozing and snoring. However, for those who live in congested residential areas with loud neighbors and passing cars, the sound of crickets is added noise, especially when these […]

04 May
How Dangerous Is a Cockroach Infestation Really?

Cockroach infestations can be more than just an annoying nuisance — they can be downright dangerous. Cockroaches are incredibly unsanitary, with the ability to spread hazardous bacteria, viruses, and parasites around your home or business, leading to disease and other health risks. This pest can also cause structural damages to your property, while emitting odors […]

31 Jan
Scorpion Control Tips for Your Home

Preventive Scorpion Care for Your Arizona Home Although Arizona bark scorpions are one of the smallest of the scorpion species, they sure pack a punch. A sting from a bark scorpion is not only extremely painful, but it can also cause severe symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. As the temperatures begin to heat up […]

30 Dec
Unpacking the Arizona Packrat

The packrat isn’t just a term for someone with a lot of stuff — it’s also a common rat in the Arizona desert. Unfortunately, it’s also found quite a suitable environment in many Arizona homes. In this blog, we’ll learn how to identify these desert rats, where they build nests on properties, and signs of […]

12 Nov
How Termites Can Damage Your Home

Termites wreak havoc by eating the wood of homes. When they do this, they leave massive holes that can run through parts of the home’s foundation. This will cause potentially severe structural issues.  When you realize you have a termite problem, quick intervention is essential. The more time termites have to eat away at your […]

17 Jun
Putting Out the Fire (Ants) In Your Yard

If you’ve ever wondered where fire ants got their name, you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t from their reddish color. Learn more about these fascinating (yet potentially dangerous) insects and their behaviors, and find out how to get rid of these pesky pests before they fully invade your Arizona or Nevada home […]