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Conventional vs. Natural vs. Organic Pest Control

What are you really paying for? 

Battling bugs isn’t easy in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas. Pest control options seem as varied as our insect populations here in the high desert. Do you arm yourself with natural solutions, organic pest control or something more conventional? Which approach is the most cost-effective? What do you need to know to clear up the confusion?

Three Pest Control Options, One Goal

When customers ask about nontoxic pest control, we explain that natural, organic and conventional techniques solve the same problem. Applied correctly, they eliminate insects, and integrated pest management incorporates the best of all three. What kind of return do you get from your bug-busting investment in these different pest control options?

1. Natural Pest Control

This type of pest management inspires real DIY insect-control creativity. Natural bug spray ingredients range from crushed garlic to witch hazel, so they’re easily affordable. However, they aren’t effective against big infestations here in Arizona and Nevada. Natural pest control is eco-friendly inside the home and out in the garden, but it usually results in bug migration instead of elimination.

2. Organic Pest Control

Like natural pest solutions, organic options are often considered nontoxic pest control. While they’re usually plant-based, these products work because they contain compounds that are toxic to insects. Eco-friendly organic choices work well in vegetable and herb gardens, but they break down quickly. Organic pest control requires frequent applications of products that cost more than traditional treatments that are applied less frequently.

3. Conventional Pest Control

The best pest control balances environmental concerns, long-term effectiveness and affordable cost. Integrated pest management sets the standard for safe, conventional pest control in Arizona and Nevada. IPM targets specific insect problems with the best, most-focused solutions, be they organic, natural, conventional, or a mix of the three. Since Burn’s Pest Elimination uses all three pest control methods in an integrated manner, we often see higher rates of success using these methods in an integrated manner, rather than using one pest control method on its own. This professional approach ensures that products and techniques deliver long-lasting results with minimum impact on the environment.

Weigh Your Investment

Keeping bugs at bay year-round requires regular pest control treatments. As you decide on the best strategy for your property, weigh your investment in time and products. It’s usually less expensive and more effective to let a professional handle the work with safe, established integrated pest management strategies.

Custom Solutions At Your Service

It’s our goal to help you choose the right pest management options for your home or business. If you’d like more information, just contact us here at Burns Pest Elimination. We specialize in custom solutions, and we clear up all kinds of pest control confusion, so give us a call or request a quote below!