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Bed Bug Control & Treatment Services

Man shining a flashlight on bed bugs on a mattress.

Bed Bug Elimination in Arizona and Las Vegas

When it comes to bed bug infestations, time is of the essence. Bed bugs can infiltrate your walls, furniture, and—of course—beds in no time, making them a major health concern for your entire family. Bed bugs don’t discriminate either, as they can set up camp in a clean home or business just as easily as in a dirty one.

With rapid breeding times and an intense appetite for blood, bed bug infestations need to be addressed ASAP. Particularly for Arizona business owners in industries like hotels, lodging, and hospitality services, even one customer who encounters biting bed bugs in your building can spell bad news for your brand reputation. Thankfully, the pest control professionals at Burns Pest Elimination, as well as our bed-bug-sniffing K-9 unit, can help you eradicate these bloodthirsty bugs from your residence or commercial space fast.

Advanced Bed Bug Treatments with Burns Pest Elimination

With field-experienced pest control technicians and K-9 units, our team can uncover bed bug infestations at the source. As bed bugs prefer to hide close to where they feed—such as in cracks, crevices, and generally hard-to-reach areas—identifying infestations of these insect invaders can be a challenge to the untrained human eye. At Burns, our K-9 bed bug inspectors are experts in sniffing out these Dracula-like critters. With certifications in multi-stage insect detection, our dogs are independently trained and re-evaluated monthly to ensure their noses stay nimble at all times.

Burns Pest K9 and Handler.

Then, our human bed bug experts work to create an individualized bed bug treatment plan that eliminates these parasites from your space and prevents them from coming back. If you’re afraid bed bugs have made a home out of your home or business, contact Burns Pest Elimination or give us a call at (602) 971-4782 to get in touch with our professional bed bug exterminators in Arizona or Nevada.

Integrated Pest Management for Bed Bugs

We know that treating for bed bugs doesn’t always have a one-size-fits-all solution. Carefully curating our pest control techniques based upon your unique situation, Burns will develop an integrated pest management (IPM) plan to eliminate bed bugs at the source and keep them from returning.

Our IPM approach to bed bug removal includes:

  • Bed bug infestation discovery
  • Void area treatment
  • Residual and contact applications
  • Re-inspection to certify bed bug eradication
  • 30-day warranty

Bed Bug Product Applications

If bed bug infestations aren’t caught in time, their numbers can grow exponentially and spread throughout your home or commercial establishment. When bed bugs are difficult to treat due to widespread breeding, Burns Pest Elimination has highly effective chemical application methods available. Adhering to the National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA) guidelines, our certified pest technicians will safely administer bed bug control products throughout any area that shows signs of an infestation.

Thermal Container Remediation*

If there’s one thing bed bugs despise, it’s heat. Using a temperature-regulated thermal container, our pest technicians are able to insert your bed bug-ridden items into a chamber and raise the core temperature to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This uniform heat source reaches deep into your affected items and eradicates bed bugs at any stage of development without leaving any harmful residue behind.

*Thermal container remediation is only available from Burns Pest Elimination in Phoenix, AZ.

Call Burns Today to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Fast

When you have bed bugs in Las Vegas, Phoenix, or another city, Burns Pest Elimination works hard to clear them out as quickly and discreetly as possible. Through personalized IPM plans, thermal container remediation, and bed bug treatment applications, our team of pest technicians and K-9 companions can ensure bed bugs are eliminated and stay away. If you see any signs of a bed bug infestation in your home, call our emergency line at (877) 589-4202 for fast bed bug treatment, send us a message, or request your free pest control quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bugs

Why are bed bugs becoming more prevalent?

Bed bugs were almost eradicated in the 1950s in America, when pesticides were a broad spectrum and very dangerous to our environment. Nowadays, pesticides are much more targeted and have to be applied with a lot more thought and care to work effectively. That and travel becoming much more affordable means that a hitchhiking pest like bed bugs are on the rise.

Are there health risks to bed bugs?

While bed bugs are not considered a dangerous animal, some people do react to their bites with itching and discomfort. The main effect of bed bugs, however, is the mental stress and strains that come along with a bed bug infestation.

Is it safe to travel?

Absolutely, if you take precautions. Never place your suitcase on the bed at a hotel. You can check the mattress for blood spots and other signs of bed bug infestations. When you come home, wash and dry your clothes immediately before bringing them into your house.

What should I do if I have evidence of bed bugs?

Call a professional immediately. Do not wait. Most bed bug infestations get more expensive the more time goes on. Do not self-treat either. Most over the counter products are not strong enough to eliminate all bed bugs and merely kill some of them and drive the survivors deeper into hiding.

How will professionals get rid of bed bugs?

Depending on the company, the first step is usually an inspection to determine the severity of the infestation. Some companies do a visual Inspection, while other, more awesome companies, will use a specially trained K9 to determine the level of treatment needed, because their noses are so much more accurate than human eyes. Once the level of investigation is determined, a combination of extreme heat and chemical applications will be used to eliminate the bed bugs.