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Pest Control & Termite Treatment Services in Gilbert, AZ

Overview of a suburb in Gilbert, Arizona.

Located in the southeast section of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Gilbert, AZ, is a thriving area that has been voted one of the best and safest places to live in the United States. With almost a quarter-million residents, Gilbert is full of things to do and see. Formerly known as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World,” Gilbert has experienced rapid growth in the past few decades and now offers modern amenities and a wide variety of local restaurants and businesses.

Gilbert’s growth hasn’t gone unnoticed by local pests, who enjoy taking refuge in area homes and businesses to get away from the desert sun. Burns Pest Elimination, however, is prepared to fight those pesky pests for the cleanliness of your home or business with proven pest control services. Whether it’s ants, bees, rodents, termites, or other Arizona pests, Burns is prepared to give you the best pest control experience. With our collection of ecologically friendly pest control programs, you can be sure our initiatives will be effective and environmentally sustainable. We also aim meet the satisfaction of all our customers. If you’re not happy with your pest control service, our satisfaction guarantee means we’ll come back until you are happy.

Termite Treatment & Termite Control Services in Gilbert, AZ

Are termites causing concern for your home or business in Gilbert, Arizona? Don’t let these silent destroyers jeopardize your property’s structural integrity. Address the problem by scheduling termite control with Burns. Our pest control experts understand the importance of swift and effective termite control to safeguard your home or business. Gilbert is home to several neighborhoods, including Power Ranch, Agritopia, and Morrison Ranch—all areas where our expert technicians provide the best termite control services in the city. Equipped with the latest termite control methods, including Altriset®, Termidor®, and Sentricon® System with Always Active® technology, we tailor our solutions to combat the unique challenges posed by Arizona’s termites. Whether you’re in the heart of Gilbert or its surrounding communities, our pest control team ensures thorough protection for your home or business. With our commitment to environmentally sustainable pest control practices and a satisfaction guarantee, you can trust Burns Pest Elimination to keep your property free from termite damage. If you need termite control, schedule a termite inspection today!

Rodent Control Services in Gilbert

Are rodents wreaking havoc in your home or business in Gilbert, Arizona? Don’t let these troublesome pests compromise your property’s safety and hygiene. At Burns Pest Elimination, we recognize the urgency of addressing rodent infestations immediately. Our rodent control program utilizes a variety of proven strategies, including live traps, bait traps, snap traps, and long-term exclusion methods. Whether you’re dealing with field mice, house mice, packrats, kangaroo rats, Norway rats, or roof rats, we have the expertise and resources to eradicate these pests from your property. Our integrated pest management (IPM) approach ensures proactive and preventive protection for your home or business. You can trust Burns Pest Elimination to keep your property rodent-free.

Home Pest Control for Residents in Gilbert Near Farmhouse Meadows

There are few things more unnerving than seeing roaches scatter in your kitchen after you turn on the lights. Even clean houses can be inundated with insects or rodents under certain circumstances. That’s why Burns offers residential pest control programs to keep your home free from pests of all shapes and sizes. From rats and birds to termites and earwigs, our pest control technicians are trained to make your home pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control for Gilbert Pests Near Val Vista Marketplace

Businesses aren’t immune to pest infestations. Unfortunately, there can be negative financial repercussions to a pest invasion, not even taking into account the damage it can do to your reputation. Burns Pest Elimination offers pest extermination services for businesses so that you can be sure your open doors only apply to your customers. Even if you don’t have pests, our commercial pest control services act as a shield to keep them away for good. Don’t wait to address a pest invasion in your Gilbert business. Schedule pest control with Burns today, and keep your customers and employees safe.

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Tired of those wasps, ants, termites, and more? Burns Pest Elimination can help. We’ve got 35 years of experience in Arizona pest control, so you can be confident that your Gilbert home or business is in the right hands. What are you waiting for?

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