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Pest Control and Termite Control in Phoenix, AZ

Overview of downtown Phoenix.

Phoenix, AZ, is the fifth-most populous city in the entire United States and one of Arizona’s most important economic and cultural cornerstones. More than 1.5 million people call Phoenix their home, and the capital of Arizona anchors a metropolitan area of nearly 5 million residents. Phoenix residents enjoy a wide variety of modern shopping, dining, and entertainment options alongside the natural beauty of the Valley of the Sun.

Unfortunately, many homes and businesses in Phoenix are attractive for pests looking for a respite from the desert sun. Cockroaches, rats, scorpions, bed bugs, and crickets are just a few of these pesky pests. Thankfully, the experts at Burns Pest Elimination are here to keep you free from creepy crawlers. Utilizing ecologically friendly pest control services, Burns offers sustainable, affordable, and top pest control for residents of Phoenix and surrounding service areas. We also take pride in the satisfaction of our customers. If you’re not happy with your pest control service, our satisfaction guarantee means we’ll come back until you are happy.

Residential Termite Control and Mosquito Control in Phoenix, AZ

Nobody wants to see creepy crawly insects or stinky rodents in their home. Unfortunately, your home is extremely susceptible to insect and rodent invasions as a house is the perfect environment for insects to nest and seek protection. However, it’s difficult to keep these critters out of your home without the help from an exterminator. That’s why we offer a full residential pest control program. Whatever you’re dealing with, our highly-trained experts can diagnose the root of your problem and enact an environmentally friendly solution.

Whether you’re in need of termite control, ant control, mosquito control, bee control, hornet control, scorpion control, or just want some proactive pest control treatment done to keep your family safe, our wide array of pest control programs and exterminators are the best for the job. We also offer other residential pest services such as spider control and tick control. Providing the best pest control experience to protect your home in Phoenix is our goal, regardless of the type of infestation you’re dealing with. Your satisfaction, as well as your family’s health, is always at the forefront of our pest control service programs.

Commercial Termite Control and Pest Control for Bed Bugs in Phoenix

Your business is your livelihood. Don’t let potentially dangerous bugs interfere with your reputation or cause havoc among your customers. Whether you and your employees are in a large office building, or you own a small business that accepts customers through the door, we offer pest extermination for businesses that will address any current pest issues and prevent future infestations from happening.

From hotels and hospitality to restaurants and healthcare, we have expertise in keeping a wide variety of Phoenix pests away from businesses. No one wants to stay at a hotel that is infested with bed bugs or eat at an established restaurant that has roaches crawling around the kitchen floor. Not only will bug infestations potentially put you out of business, but they can also get you into serious trouble with the FDA and/or OSHA. Whether you’re a hotel in need of bed bug removal, a business in need of termite control, or a restaurant in need of cockroach control, Burns Pest Elimination is here to help. Take action today by setting up time for our pest control company to come out and complete a thorough inspection and then get you set up on our commercial pest control program.

Rodent Control, Pest Control, and Exterminators in Phoenix, AZ

We understand that rodent infestations can be a source of stress and concern for homeowners and businesses in Phoenix, AZ. That’s why we are your trusted partner in effective rodent control solutions. With our extensive expertise, we are committed to providing you with top-notch services that ensure your property remains rodent-free. Our team of skilled professionals employs the latest techniques and environmentally friendly methods to eliminate rodents swiftly and prevent future infestations. Say goodbye to unwanted guests and safeguard your peace of mind with Burns Pest Elimination.

Weed Prevention and Elimination Services in Phoenix

We all know how difficult it is to keep a yard in Arizona beautiful and watered in the sweltering heat. But what makes it even more difficult is infiltrating greenery. There are multiple kinds of weeds that germinate in the southwest, such as barnyard grass and Johnsongrass, all of which can turn your lawn into a disaster without the help of weed elimination services. At Burns Pest Elimination, our pest control technicians not only know how to remove any unwanted pests from your home, but also how to kill the weeds in your yard.

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If you’ve got a pest problem, big or small, don’t overthink it. Burns Pest Elimination is here to help. We’ve got the knowledge, training, technology, and experience to keep annoying, dangerous bugs and pests out of your home or business. To request a quote, fill out the form above or call 602-833-2683 today. A member of our customer care team will reach out to you shortly. Find the professional pest control program you need to protect your home or business today!


We provide pest control for Arizona pests in the following areas around Phoenix.