Family Owned & Operated

  • Burns Pest Elimination is your one stop shop.
  • We will eliminate pests from your home, office, restaurant, or multi-family housing property. We are a locally owned, family business, servicing the entire Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas areas.

Pest Elimination Services in Phoenix, Tucson & Las Vegas

Wondering how to get rid of the pests that infest your home, business or community? Our pest control services will eliminate and control your problem. Are birds posing a safety and health hazard to you and your community? Can you not seem to keep scorpions from getting into your home? Are termites ruining your home's property value? Are you just trying to prevent any of these scenarios from happening? The answer is to contact the pest control team at Burns Pest Elimination for quality, responsible pest control.

What's bugging you?

A wide variety of pests reside in the Southwest Region of the United States. That is why Burns is prepared to eliminate any pesky intruder that may try to enter your home, business or community.