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As Arizona’s and Nevada’s pest control experts, our top priority is your satisfaction. With more than 35 years of experience, we commit to getting rid of pests for good.



Sometimes your pest problem just can’t wait. With 24/7 on-call service, Burns Pest Elimination can help you deal with an emergency pest problem quickly and effectively.



We recognize that your time is important. That’s why we strive for the quickest response times possible and arrive within a 10-minute window of your scheduled appointment time.



Pest control for your home

Fight pest nuisances with Burns Pest Elimination’s residential pest control program. Our experienced technicians will prevent pests from gaining a foothold in your home or get rid of the ones already there. Plus, with our commitment to quality and responsible pest control, you can have peace of mind that your home will remain pest-free.

Pest-free selling

Whether you’re a realtor or real estate company, it’s important for each home in your inventory to be free of any pests. That’s where Burns Pest Elimination comes in. With a quick and flexible response team that works around your schedule, you can eliminate bugs and other pests sustainably and effectively. With our inspections, you can be assured they won’t come back so that you can get on with your work.

Pest control for your business

Pests can quickly ruin your business’ reputation and sanitation. With preventative techniques, Burns Pest Elimination handles pest problems before they happen to ensure you never have to worry. Our 35 years of experience with local pests mean that if you do get a pest problem, we can work with you to solve your critter problem as quickly as possible.

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Africanized Bees

Burns Pest Staff


Mr. Motivation as he is referred to as around the office, has been handling the hiring of all employees that come to work for Burns over the past six years. Mike's favorite part about working for Burns is that we get to help people who are in rough situations. He and his life partner have been volunteering at his local church for years which is where they happened to meet as well. In Mike's spare time he focuses on his physical appearance as well as being an avid bicycle safety enthusiast.

Mike Boyle

Mr. Felker is a K-9 handler who is one of the very best at his job, along with his furry partner Jake, who has a nose for sniffing out any bed bug that is near. Brian Felker is and avid video game player and even crazier Comicon fan who never misses an event here in the valley. He is married and together, Brian and his wife have a couple dogs and cats who they call their kids.

Brian Felker & Jake

An unbelievably hard worker, who when asked about herself and what she loves to do, she simply said working here at Burns. Tonya has been with the company for 4 years and specializes in sales. What she is most proud of about herself is her ability to be so diverse and knowledgeable to complete any task she is given. Although Tonya seems to be all work no play, she does share a love for acting that takes up her time outside of work.

Tonya Shank

A bird/rodent inspector for the company who has been on board with us for 4 years. Tanner is a highly active individual who loves hiking and any sport that there is. What Tanner loves about Burns is how not only do his peers care about him but so do the owners who he has a great relationship with. In Tanner's off time he often volunteers at his church helping out with the eagle scout program. Crandell has a wife and a beautiful child with another on the way.

Tanner Crandell

The man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Sean Kelleher is the reason why we at Burns love our jobs. Sean is someone who shows up every day and is willing to help anyone, being someone who we can always depend on. In Sean's spare time he volunteers at the fire department doing ride longs so one day he can become a hero himself. Sean's love for Burns starts from his first day here as he fell in love with how family oriented the environment is.

Sean Kelleher

Beckie has been with the company for over 10 years and runs the Las Vegas division. Beckie is someone who we love at Burns because of the love she shares back towards us, always wanting to be her very best. She has a two-year-old who she spends the majority of her spare time with if she is not watching her favorite hockey teams, the Golden Knights and Red Wings.

Beckie Shudinis

Jose is a termite technician and a trainer for the termite department. He's been with the company for 19 incredible years. Jose is a huge cowboys fan who gets to cheer against his wife who happens to be an avid Cardinals fan… Fortunately, they both share a love for lowriders.

Jose Loza

Julian Deryck has been a part of the Burns family for over twenty great years. Julian has been one of our best technicians we have had at Burns and if you don't believe it, ask his hundreds of customers he has treated who have been extremely satisfied with what he has done. In Mr. Deryck's spare time he loves getting in a game of tennis or going to watch a movie at the theatre with his wife. If you can't find him at the movies you'll find him doing community service around the valley.

Julian Deryck

Karen, who has been with the company for over twelve years, is a residential pest technician here at Burns. Karen is notorious for working long days, being the first one in and the last one out always striving to be the hardest worker. One thing that stands out about Karen most is that her customers love her. Nothing makes Karen happier than a customer who appreciates the time and effort that she puts in to her work… Well, maybe one thing, and that is taking out her Harley and going for a cruise.

Karen George

Need to know about the stock market? Ask Randy, not only is he a one of a kind pest technician but he can also tell you what is going on with the stock market at all times. Randy has been with us for over twelve years and is married to his wife who he has four kids with.

Randy Rychen

At Burns we love our troops which is why Patrick is someone we appreciate so much. Patrick served in the U.S air force for years and has been with us for the past two years. Patrick is a pest technician who receives nothing but compliments from the customers he services. Aside from working, Patrick loves any new technology he can get his hands on, always wanting to learn more, making him extremely tech savvy.

Patrick Lavoie










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