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Although fleas are more of a concern for animals—hitching rides indoors on your pets—they still have the ability to spread their eggs and multiply within buildings. The tiny bloodsuckers will latch onto anyone who can provide their next meal, even taking a quick bite out of humans on occasion. In the worst of cases, fleas can cause illness and or death in animals, as they have the potential to carry plague and harmful bacteria. Needless to say, don’t underestimate the ability of these small pests to bring about larger problems inside your home or business space. 

How to Identify Fleas 

The main identifying physical traits of fleas include: 

  • Very small in size, about 1/8 inch long 
  • Red-brown color 
  • Flattened bodies 
  • Feed on the blood of their hosts 
  • Strong jumpers, with the ability to leap up to 13 inches forward and 6 inches high

Generally, it isn’t difficult to visibly identify when you have a flea problem; adult fleas are relatively easy to spot, and you can often see them jumping around. The bites of fleas cause discomfort and itching, so you also might notice your pets scratching, licking, or grooming themselves repeatedly. Check the fur of your dogs, cats, or other pets for flea feces, which may look like black specks or pepper. 

The real nuisance becomes the less-developed flea larvae and pupae that are much more secretive and less active. They can frequently be found in secluded areas such as in pet bedding, cracks in flooring, hidden in carpet, and under or inside furniture. Female fleas deposit eggs onto the host, so as your pet travels around your home, they can be littering your carpets and upholstery with flea eggs. Even if you do manage to find and remove fleas from your animals, their eggs may still remain hidden in the environment, waiting to hatch and re-infest. 

How to Prevent Fleas in Arizona & Nevada

Maintaining a flea-free home is crucial to avoiding a full-on infestation. Because fleas depend almost solely on their hosts to even make it indoors, the most effective way to prevent fleas from entering a structure is to eliminate outdoor flea habitats and hosts. This means keeping up with your pets’ regular vet checkups, groomings, and anti-flea treatments. 

If you’ve had fleas around the house, keep in mind the following flea control, removal, and prevention tips:

  • Keep clean the areas your pets spend time as well as tables, counters, windowsills, etc.
  • Remove pillows, toys, and anything else from underneath furniture and beds.
  • Thoroughly vacuum carpets, floors, around baseboards, and upholstered furniture. Make sure vacuum bags are sealed before disposing of them.

Flea Control in Arizona & Las Vegas with Burns Pest Elimination

Fretting about fleas in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, or another area? If bloodsucking bugs are invading your home, Burns Pest Elimination offers flea removal services in Arizona and Nevada. Simply call us or contact us today to request your free pest control quote and inspection!

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