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With more than three decades of experience in eliminating pests for small businesses, large corporations, and every size of business in between, you can trust us for your commercial pest control needs. We are experts at pest elimination in commercial buildings, knowing where pests are more likely to infiltrate your building and discreetly treating pests so your business continues to run without interruptions.

We understand just how important pest control is when it comes to the food industry, commercial kitchens, and restaurants, which is why we offer the best and most-effective elimination solutions for our food service customers. Cleanliness is also of the utmost importance for those in the healthcare industry. We offer the best in pest control for hospitals, assisted living communities, and senior housing.

We also provide Arizona and Las Vegas hotels and hospitality businesses a one-stop shop for all their pest control needs, from bed bugs to rodent control. For homeowner associations (HOAs), rental companies, and multi-family units, you can rely on us for safe and dependable pest control to keep your properties free of any pests trying to invade living spaces.

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You wouldn’t hand off responsibilities in your business to someone inexperienced, so why would you leave pest control services to DIY methods or other companies who don’t have the experience we do? At Burns Pest Elimination, our experts will work quickly to eliminate whatever bothersome pest has invaded your business, and if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll keep coming back until you are—that’s our satisfaction guarantee and promise.

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Although we tend not to think about pests until they are in our everyday living environment, they are part of a larger ecosystem. They have their own predators and natural enemies, but as humans intruded on pests’ habitats, predators, such as coyotes, hawks, etc., have also been driven out. Growers and greenhouse operators have used biological controls for years, which is why Burns Pest’s trained technicians work with clients to discuss the benefits particular pests offer and come up with a control or elimination plan both parties agree on.

One of the downsides to using organic or all-natural methods for pest control is that they often take longer to deliver results. In many cases, that is time businesses can’t afford. Burns Pest Elimination is excited to be part of the green revolution with greener methods that actually deliver results quickly. We use environmentally sound methods of pest control. We know the best defense against the pests that try to invade our businesses is not necessarily a chemical, but it’s a properly trained, responsible pest management professional.

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