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Do Pest Control Home Remedies Work?

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5 Tips for Preventing Pests from Taking Up Residence in Your Home

Make no mistake about it: Pests love to invade homes whether they’re clean or not. Pests, insects, and rodents may belong outside, but they often venture inside of residential homes and commercial buildings in search of food, water and shelter. Even clean interiors attract pests that may only want to escape from outdoor predators or the elements. If you’re struggling with pest infestations, you can do a few things around the house to curb their populations. Here are 5 DIY pest control practices you can use around your home.

Keep a tight seal around boxed goods.

Some pests can easily get into packaged goods and contaminate your food. Pantry beetles, ants and rodents sniff out opened boxes or tear through paper packaging with ease. Sealing rice, flour and other goods in plastic containers with lids will keep out unwanted pests.

Store trash in bins with tightly closed lids.

Flies, roaches, gnats and other annoying insects can detect garbage from a mile away. Once they’re inside, they’ll breed and continue to be a nuisance in your home. Keep the lids on your garbage bins at all times to prevent flies and other unwanted pests from getting inside and multiplying out of control.

Clean up the kitchen after every meal.

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight can lure pests out from the walls. Whether it is roaches or flies, pests enjoy feasting on leftover food on the counter or in the sink at night. It’s best to wash the dishes or to put them in the dishwasher instead of leaving them out where they attract invasive pests.

Seal cracks and crevices around your home.

Small cracks and crevices around dryer vents, windows and doors can go unnoticed and provide a way for pests to invade your home. If you ignore these hidden entryways, they can lead to worse and continuing pest infestations long into the future. Use caulk or another sealant to close off the entrances and to keep pests outdoors where they belong.

Maintain your landscape on a regular basis.

An overgrown lawn and thick weed patches make great places for pests to hide out and increase their populations. As the infestation grows, the more likely it is for pests to move into your home. Maintain your landscape regularly by mowing the lawn, pulling invasive weeds and trimming the shrubs.

DIY Pest Control Vs. Hiring a Professional

Doing your own pest control may help to curb an infestation, but only professional pest control technicians can eliminate pests and keep them from coming back. Want to know how the professionals can prevent unwanted infestations in your home? Contact us directly for more information about our pest control services. Professional technicians know how to identify troublesome pests and to use the appropriate treatments to eliminate the problem for good!