Category: Pest Elimination
05 May
Bee on flower.
Good News! Recent Surge Seen in Bee Population

In 2006, beekeepers collectively hit the panic button. Seemingly normal, healthy honey bees began leaving their hives for no apparent reason. Experts believed that about one-third of the American honey bee population was affected by the mysterious and alarming problem, which was dubbed colony collapse disorder. Fortunately, things have taken a positive turn. Why Should I […]

05 May
Cricket Choir Pest.
The Annoying Cricket Choir in Your Home

Discouraging house crickets from making themselves at home House crickets are considered good pets in some countries, but for most people, these relatives of grasshoppers and locusts are just plain annoying. They may be less than an inch long and sport an unassuming gray or brown color, but they’re far from welcome guests in homes […]

05 May
Man in bed lying awake at night.
Bed Bug Woes: Four Ways to Combat the Itch in the Night

Bed bug infestations are on the rise, and you can run into these bugs anywhere, especially while traveling. They like to hop on you and your belongings and go home with you. Once settled in, they’re notoriously difficult to get rid of. Arizona and Nevada pest control companies have reported a 70 percent increase in […]

05 May
Mosquitoes Still Running Rampant After the Rains

The Importance of Timely Pest Control Mosquitoes typically peak in the Phoenix and Tucson area between May and October of each year, but the recent occurrence of extremely heavy rain throughout the region has caused more of these pests to hatch than usual. As a result, there’s been a surge of mosquitoes in the area, so […]

05 May
Pair of Woodpigeons on a tv aerial as one flys away.
Can Birds Really Do That? The Destructiveness of Birds

4 Destructive Powers of Pests on the Wing You don’t look at a flock flying overhead and picture property damage on the wing. Those warblers in the backyard sound sweet without a hint of harm to home or business. Our Arizona birds don’t intentionally hatch disastrous plots, but their lifestyle can cause an astonishing level […]

05 May
Rat on bird feeder.
The Truth About Dealing With Rats

Avoid these risky rodent control errors! Roof rats invade numerous buildings in Nevada and Arizona. Norway rats occasionally do the same, but they remain rare in this part of the country. Both species can cause serious problems. They spread diseases, contaminate food, destroy insulation and spark fires by chewing on electrical wiring. If you encounter an infestation, […]

05 May
Termite fumigation tent.
Why Calling in a Termite Expert is a Home-Buying Necessity

It Pays to Get Expert Advice Identifying the presence of termites should be a top priority for home buyers. The enormous appetites of these tiny insects cause more than $5 billion annually in damage to property and can destroy the structural integrity of a house. Since the problem is often prevented with regular maintenance, homeowner insurance policies […]

05 May
Jar of flour spilled on counter.
4 Tips for Avoiding Pantry Pests This Winter

How to Keep the Creepy Crawlies Out of Your Food! Wintertime has come to Arizona once again, bringing more tolerable temperatures and annoying insects to our area. It’s the time of year when pests invade kitchens and contaminate food. Meal moths and flour beetles are common invaders in Arizona residences. If you want to keep […]

04 May
Cockroach on table.
Winter Pest Control as a Preventative Measure

While winter temperatures in Phoenix and Tucson likely won’t reach critical lows, plenty of outdoor pests will still be making a pilgrimage indoors to escape the season’s chilly mornings and high winds. In contrast to the warmer summer months when bees and garden insects rule the roost, the winter months see an influx of rodents, […]

04 May
Technician on roof installing bird prevention.
Common Bird Problems Inside the Home

How to Keep Winged Wildlife on the Other Side of the Window Outdoor spaces just aren’t the same without colorful, chirping birds that flutter and dance before our eyes. Unfortunately, birds have a troublesome habit of getting into indoor spaces that aren’t made for wild animals. The problem is especially acute during the cool season. If you’re […]