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Maggots Are Even Grosser Than You Thought

Think of Them as Cute Little Baby Flies

They didn’t crawl into your can, so you can stop boarding up the doors. The source of your maggots was that pesky housefly you’ve been chasing around for three days. When flies lay their eggs in rotting food or other organic material, the squiggly, white maggots are the charming larvae that emerge. You won’t meet many people who don’t automatically wrinkle their noses at the thought of maggots. They’re a common cause of spontaneous retching, and they’re often employed as extras in horror films. Here are a few more maggot facts that may entertain, appall and horrify you.

Grosser and Gross Maggot Facts

We Can Conquer the Squirming Masses

When squiggling invaders seem to appear out of nowhere, Phoenix and Tucson residents know who to call. At Burns Pest Elimination, we understand how flies get into your home and become a problem. We can help you get rid of adult flies and reduce your chances of retching at the sight of maggots the next time you open your garbage can. Request a quote for an estimate today, and keep your summer nausea-free.