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15 Mar
5 Rat Prevention Tips for Restaurants and Food Businesses

Few words inspire fear in the hearts of restaurant owners and food service managers as much as “rats.” If one of these creatures is spotted or even suspected, the well-being of your business may be at risk. It’s better to stop the problem before it starts because eliminating infesting rats is harder than discouraging them […]

12 Feb
How To Prevent Rodents in the Winter: A Guide

How To Prevent Rodents in the Winter: A Guide As the winter season arrives, rodents seek refuge in the warmth of our homes, which can quickly become a nightmare. However, with the help of Burns Pest Elimination, a trusted Las Vegas and Arizona pest control company, you can learn effective strategies to keep these unwelcome […]

19 Jan
5 Common Winter Pests in Arizona

Arizona’s winter may not be frigid enough to eliminate pests completely, but it compels them to invade your residence or commercial business in search of warmth. In this blog, discover five of Arizona’s most persistent household pests that seek refuge indoors in winter, including clever rats and elusive bedbugs. Learn to identify infestations and protect […]

17 Sep
Reflection of a mosquito.
Where Mosquitoes Commonly Hide and Breed in Your Yard

Mosquitoes in Arizona and beyond are generally regarded as the world’s most annoying pest. Practically unending in number, they can make entire parts of the day intolerable if you live in an area ripe for their breeding. If you have found yourself assailed by mosquitoes, we at Burns Pest Elimination want to take a moment […]

20 Aug
Odorous House Ants vs. Carpenter Ants

Within the United States alone, there are more than 700 different types of ants. Two of the most common and most annoying among them are odorous house ants and carpenter ants, each of which brings different issues to the table. Burns Pest Elimination wants to help you identify the differences between these insects and, if […]

06 Aug
When Do Commercial Buildings Need Pest Control?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you need pest control for your business, then there’s a good chance the answer is “yes.” Although the risk of a serious pest infestation varies by commercial industry, as a business owner, it’s important to have a game plan that’s proactive toward keeping insects, vermin, and other unwelcome pest patrons […]

23 Jul
I found a scorpion in my Arizona home. Are there more?

The Southwestern United States is no stranger to pests all throughout the year. Desert regions in particular see a lot of a certain critter variety: the scorpion. Though a common household nuisance, they have a bigger reputation than many of their peers. Fortunately, scorpions can pose less of a problem if you know how to […]

18 Jun
Why Are Scorpions Considered Arachnids?

If you live in a dry, warm environment such as Arizona or Nevada, you may face more than one unwanted encounter with scorpions. Whether you have met a few scorpions in your area or are preparing for the moment, it’s important to understand what this creature really is. With about 90 different species in the […]

21 May
Arizona Honey Bees: To Let Them Bee or Not to Let Them Bee?

As you head out in search of fun this summer, Arizona honey bees may not be top of mind. But those honey bees that Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Tucson residents alike try to avoid are also the subject of debate. If you’re like us, you probably would rather not host a honey bee hive on […]

19 Mar
Spiders in Your Home: Friends or Foes?

For some of us, the thought of anything with eight legs lurking in the shadows is enough to trigger nightmares. But are arachnids more dangerous than beneficial? The Arizona and Las Vegas pest control techs at Burns Pest Elimination provide spider control to homes and businesses, and we can shed some light on spiders in […]