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5 Common Winter Pests in Arizona

Arizona’s winter may not be frigid enough to eliminate pests completely, but it compels them to invade your residence or commercial business in search of warmth. In this blog, discover five of Arizona’s most persistent household pests that seek refuge indoors in winter, including clever rats and elusive bedbugs. Learn to identify infestations and protect your home from these seasonal intruders with valuable tips.

1. Small Rodents

Unwanted guests on your property, such as mice and rats, are more than just an inconvenience. While attempting to enter, rodents can harm the structural integrity of your home or business, chewing through wood and wires. Each nibble increases the risk of a house fire. Beyond that, their nests and droppings pose health risks, exposing humans to diseases like salmonella, hantavirus, and leptospirosis.

Secure your space by contacting a professional service for mouse and rat control and sealing entry points. Take proactive measures to keep these critters at bay and maintain a healthy home environment over the winter.

2. Spiders

Arizona is home to 26 unique species of spiders, and when temperatures drop, these creepy crawlers enter homes and businesses in search of food and warmth. While wolf spiders control pests like flies and moths, unwelcome spiders like brown recluse spiders pose risks to human health with their venom.

Arachnids are attracted to dark, cool spaces like garages, closets, or under a bed for web building and hunting. One easy way to deter these eight-legged creatures is to vacuum your Arizona home regularly. This helps eliminate the pests spiders feed on, clear away webs, and potentially trap spiders within your property.

3. Bedbugs

Are you concerned about a potential bedbug problem? It’s wise to reach out to an experienced professional for effective treatment and rapid elimination of the infestation. These resilient pests not only find comfort in the nooks of your Arizona home but can quickly spread to various parts of the house, such as:

  • Along the edge of the ceiling
  • Around door frames
  • In bedsheets and mattresses
  • Along chair and couch seams
  • Under loose wallpaper

Leave it to expert bedbug exterminators for successful bedbug control, ensuring a thorough resolution and restoring peace to your living space.

4. Cockroaches

Cockroaches, like the common German roach and American roach, are drawn to the food, heat, and moisture of your Arizona property. They’re commonly found near radiators, sinks, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens, where they have the necessary resources to thrive and reproduce. Look for small pepper-like droppings, listen for scurrying sounds, and be aware of a musty odor, as these are all signs of a roach infestation.

5. Scorpions

In warm, dry environments, scorpions flourish. As temperatures drop, they might venture indoors for better conditions and food, often favoring basements and dark spots. Arizona is home to over 30 scorpion species, each armed with pincers and a defensive stinger. While most stings result in pain, redness, and swelling, the bark scorpion’s sting can be life-threatening.

Rely on experienced professionals for scorpion control and always exercise caution in areas prone to scorpions.

Effective Winter Pest Control Services From Burns Pest Elimination

Winter weather won’t deter pests from finding a way into your Arizona home or business, so turn to Burns Pest Elimination for assistance. With over 35 years of experience in pest control, we offer reliable pest management solutions year-round, with long-lasting and effective results. Find an Arizona service area near you today!

Take a proactive approach to pest control with Burns Pest Elimination by creating a pest-free living environment even in the winter. Contact us today, call now, or request a free quote for efficient Arizona pest control services.