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Wolf Spiders

A very large Wolf spider, overhead view, symmetrical pose

True to their name, wolf spiders are quick, ferocious hunters that feed on a number of pests, such as flies and moths. Unlike web-spinning spiders, wolf spiders prefer to track down their next meal, rather than wait to check it. Unfortunately, their tendency to hunt often leads them into Arizona homes.

While wolf spiders’ bites are more irritating than deadly, there’s no reason you should have to accept these eight-legged hunters as new members of your household.

If you’re concerned about wolf spiders lurking just out of sight, Burns Pest Elimination’s wolf spider control solutions can help. Learn more about one of nature’s smallest hunters below. 

How to Identify Wolf Spiders

The easiest way to identify wolf spiders is by their size. Wolf spiders are relatively large, with bodies ranging from 10 to 35 mm in length. Combine their body size with their eight long legs, and you’ve got some decent-sized pests creeping through your home. Other characteristics you can use to spot wolf spiders include:

  • Color – Coloring varies from black and gray to brown, with dark marks along their legs and bodies
  • Body – Thick, hairy bodies that resemble those of tarantulas
  • Eyes – Wolf spiders have eight eyes (two of which are significantly larger than the rest)

Wolf spiders are easy to confuse with deadlier species, such as brown recluse spiders. When identifying spiders, your safest option is to bring in pest professionals for an inspection. 

How to Prevent Wolf Spiders in Arizona

Like many spider species, wolf spiders are drawn to the shelter and food Arizona homes have to offer. From a smorgasbord of pests they can feed on to dark, cluttered closets to hide in, there’s plenty for wolf spiders to love about moving indoors. 

In order to keep these eight-legged invaders out in the great outdoors, keep your home as clean as possible. Air out your closets, garage, and under-the-bed storage from time to time. The more human activity there is around your space, the less likely wolf spiders will be to stick around.

Vacuuming or sweeping your floors should also help prevent wolf spider issues. If the pests wolf spiders feed on can’t find crumbs to eat, they’re likely to head to other areas (and take the spiders with them). 

Kick out Wolf Spiders with Burns Pest in Arizona & Las Vegas

Before your home turns into wolf spiders’ next hunting ground, contact Burns Pest Elimination. Our residential wolf spider control solutions can give you the peace of mind you deserve. For experience-backed innovative pest solutions, request a quote or give our team a call today!


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