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Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

The coming of spring heralds the return of warm weather and green plants. On the other hand, the weather starting to warm up again means that bugs and other pests will start being more active too. When pests start hunting for sources of food and water in the spring, your home can make an all too tempting target. To combat the problem of pests, we’ve gathered a list of tips to follow when diving into your spring cleaning this year.

How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Kitchens are one of the primary places that pests such as ants, cockroaches, and rodents tend to congregate, thanks to the abundance of food and water sources available for them to feast upon. One of the easiest ways to prevent infestations is to make sure all your food is stored in sealed containers. This will limit the pests’ ability to find and recognize food, while keeping it safe from spoilage.

Be sure to throw out any expired or rotten food, and to regularly take out the trash. Spoiled food often generates smells that rodents and other pests can easily detect, even when it is inside of a trash can. You should clean and disinfect any food messes or spills in your kitchen. Not only will this help your space look its best, but it also limits the availability of food for the pests.

How To Keep Your Bathroom Pest-Free

Bathrooms are another common place to find pests for two main reasons: water sources and entry points. With its abundance of pipes and standing water, bathrooms are one of the easiest places in the house for pests to find this resource. These rooms are often dark, secluded, and humid as well, giving creepy crawlies of all kinds their ideal hiding place.

To do your part in ensuring that pests stay out of your bathroom, it’s important to be sure that water is draining properly and clean up any pools of water on your floor. Cut off their entry points by sealing up any gaps in the walls or ceiling that aren’t meant to be there and clean out your drains to make a less appealing environment for bugs and other pests. If you’re still having problems, contact a pest professional to see about treating the room and setting up bait traps.

How To Maintain Pest-Free Living Spaces

To keep pests out of your other living spaces, you should generally follow a couple of simple rules. The first is to keep your space tidy and free of food messes. Vacuuming regularly and cleaning up any spills should take care of most problems. This will limit the availability of food for pests and make the space less desirable for them. You should also seal any obvious access points from the outdoors. Closing up unnecessary pet flaps, repairing damages in your home’s foundation, caulking along windows and doors, and having your vents expected are two good steps to limit pests’ entry points.

Get Professional Pest Control With Burns Pest Elimination

Although you can take steps to limit or prevent pests from entering your home, a real infestation requires expert help. At Burns Pest Elimination, we provide professional-quality pest control treatments in Arizona and Las Vegas so you won’t need to deal with pests alone. Request your free quote today and get back to pest-free living.