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Monsoon Season Pest Invasion: What To Expect and How To Prepare

Lightning strikes at sundown as monsoon season in Arizona begins.

As the Southwest anticipates the onset of monsoon season and we prepare for relief from the summer heat, so do pests. The heavy rainfall and increased humidity with the monsoon season bring a surge in pest activity, drawing unwanted guests into your home.

Luckily, Burns is an expert on the unique challenges of pest control in the southwestern US. In this guide, we’ll explore the complexities of monsoon season and provide practical strategies for mitigating pest infestations and protecting your home.

Understanding Common Monsoon Season Pest Activity

When is the monsoon season in Arizona? Spanning from June to September, the Monsoon season in the Southwest is characterized by sudden, intense thunderstorms that provide much-needed moisture to the arid landscape. These storms create a humid environment conducive to pest breeding and activity. Flying insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, thrive in the warm, moist air and are drawn to standing water left behind by the rain. 

Furthermore, ants and termites are attracted to damp areas and are more active as they search for food and shelter. The combination of these factors leads to a significant increase in pest populations during monsoon season, and when the weather becomes intense, they’ll make their way indoors. 

Identifying Common Pests During Monsoon Season in Arizona

While they are certainly not the only pests you will find, mosquitoes, flies, ants, and termites are among the most common pests encountered during monsoon season in the Southwest. 

Mosquitoes breed rapidly in stagnant water, accumulating in various outdoor containers like gutters and puddles after heavy rainfall. Their itchy bites cause discomfort and pose health risks, as mosquitoes are known disease carriers.

Flies are attracted to decaying organic matter, which is abundant as plants are washed away in intense monsoon conditions. Similarly, ants are particularly attracted to these moisture and food sources, forming trails along walls and countertops as they invade homes for sustenance. Capitalizing on the damp soil conditions, termites increase their foraging activity and pose a significant threat to wooden structures. Combined, these pests risk your home’s integrity and health, indoors and out. 

How To Prepare for Monsoon Season in Arizona

Removing sources of standing water around the home, such as clogged gutters and containers, is an essential first step for preventing mosquitoes and other pests from breeding. From there, you should seal off entry points and revitalize your cleaning routine indoors to deter pests from entering and nesting in your home.

For the highest degree of pest security, you can count on the pest control specialists from Burns to get the job done right. Our experts take a multifaceted approach that addresses the environmental factors conducive to pest activity and specific pest vulnerabilities during the monsoon season, keeping your home and everyone in it comfortable as we welcome the weather. 

Schedule your inspection today, and keep your home protected from pests this monsoon season with Burns.