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23 Sep
Why Are There Ants in My Kitchen?

No one wants to see insects inside the house, and spotting ants in the kitchen is especially unappetizing. It’s important to know why ants make their way inside your family’s eating space—and how to get rid of an infestation. Burns Pest Elimination provides Arizona pest control services and ant control tips to help you take […]

04 Sep
House with trees, palm trees, cacti and red ants in front yard.
All You Need to Know About Fire Ants in Arizona

When you imagine a fire ant, you might envision a bright-red, angry-looking insect known as the red-imported fire ant—native to South America and generally found only in the southeastern United States as well as Southern California. While this type has made rare appearances in Arizona before, it is not established throughout the state. And that’s […]

25 Aug
Palo verde beetle.
Are Palo Verde Beetles Dangerous?

It’s that time of year: Across Arizona, giant beetles can be seen surfacing from the earth, startling residents and leaving them asking, “Is the Palo Verde beetle dangerous?”   On a recent segment from 12NEWS KPNX, Burns Pest Elimination was featured to inform the public more about this bug, its lifecycle, and to what degree […]

20 Jul
How Crickets Can Invade Your Home (and Attract Other Pests)

Crickets enjoy a reputation as harmless insects. After all, their chirps make the perfect soundtrack for a lazy summer night. But these small bugs create some pretty surprising problems for home and business owners. Our team at Burns Pest Elimination, serving Nevada and Arizona, offers these cricket control tips to ward off an invasion.   […]

09 Jun
How Do Scorpions Get in the House?

When it comes to pests, scorpions rank high on the list of those to avoid. And although a scorpion’s sting is rarely fatal, it can cause a wide range of reactions. Scorpion control is one of the many services offered by Burns Pest Control. After years of experience providing scorpion control in Arizona, we’ve learned […]

15 May
German cockroach.
American vs. German Cockroaches: Which Type Is Bugging You?

If you’ve spotted cockroaches in your home, you might not care what variety they are—you just want them gone. It’s easy to see why these pests give us the creeps; they spread potentially harmful bacteria and trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Although the treatment for one species won’t necessarily work for another, proper identification […]

17 Apr
Citronella candles.
5 Mosquito-Repelling Tips for Staying Bite-Free

Nothing puts the kibosh on warm-weather fun like mosquitoes. These pests do more than just crash outdoor parties, though. They carry potentially serious diseases like yellow fever and the West Nile virus. Avoid mosquito bites with help from these tips from Burns Pest Control. We go beyond bug spray to provide safe, effective, professional pest […]

12 Feb
Are Norway Rats Dangerous?

If you suspect that your home has been invaded by Norway rats, you probably have questions. The question we’re most often asked at Burns Pest Elimination is whether or not these grey or brown rats are dangerous. They do, in fact, endanger both your family and home. Find out why rodent control is a must […]

20 Dec
Are Bed Bugs a Health Hazard?

As much as we’d like to think it isn’t true, bed bugs are a common pest. They lurk in new and used furniture, clothing, and other everyday items. They’re hard to see, making it easy for them to migrate from one location to the next. They’re even part of many nighttime rituals—just ask anyone whose […]

09 Oct
pigeons roosting on AZ home
How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Pigeons From Your Home

Pigeon control is always a concern, whether in urban settings or on the farm. These pesky birds carry dozens of diseases, bring ticks and mites into homes and businesses, and damage property with their highly acidic droppings. These tips from Burns Pest Elimination, providing pest control services to the Phoenix, AZ, area, will help keep […]