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23 Jul
I found a scorpion in my Arizona home. Are there more?

The Southwestern United States is no stranger to pests all throughout the year. Desert regions in particular see a lot of a certain critter variety: the scorpion. Though a common household nuisance, they have a bigger reputation than many of their peers. Fortunately, scorpions can pose less of a problem if you know how to […]

18 Jun
Why Are Scorpions Considered Arachnids?

If you live in a dry, warm environment such as Arizona or Nevada, you may face more than one unwanted encounter with scorpions. Whether you have met a few scorpions in your area or are preparing for the moment, it’s important to understand what this creature really is. With about 90 different species in the […]

21 May
Arizona Honey Bees: To Let Them Bee or Not to Let Them Bee?

As you head out in search of fun this summer, Arizona honey bees may not be top of mind. But those honey bees that Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Tucson residents alike try to avoid are also the subject of debate. If you’re like us, you probably would rather not host a honey bee hive on […]

19 Mar
Spiders in Your Home: Friends or Foes?

For some of us, the thought of anything with eight legs lurking in the shadows is enough to trigger nightmares. But are arachnids more dangerous than beneficial? The Arizona and Las Vegas pest control techs at Burns Pest Elimination provide spider control to homes and businesses, and we can shed some light on spiders in […]

12 Mar
Grey Mouse Living Inside Old Chair
How Rodents Enter Your Home

Although some may find them “cute,” rodents are actually some of the most hazardous pests to enter your home. Not only do they carry diseases that cause illness and even death, but their habit for chewing can also create fire hazards. Plus, rodents can bring other pests—like fleas and ticks—into your home. Once one rodent […]

25 Feb
Largest Rodents in the State of Arizona

Rodents come in all shapes and sizes, from small field mice to big rodents like the American beaver. The problem with rodents is their need to gnaw as well as how easily they can transmit diseases to people. Let’s take a look at some large rodents in Arizona and which ones are actually a nuisance […]

24 Nov
Why Feeding Pigeons in Phoenix Invites Pest Problems

Pigeons are no strangers to Phoenix, AZ. You may have even seen the roof of your home or business lined with a flight of them before. However, beware: They may be there to stay, as it is difficult to get rid of a pigeon infestation once these birds make themselves at home. In Arizona, there […]

23 Sep
Why Are There Ants in My Kitchen?

No one wants to see insects inside the house, and spotting ants in the kitchen is especially unappetizing. It’s important to know why ants make their way inside your family’s eating space—and how to get rid of an infestation. Burns Pest Elimination provides Arizona pest control services and ant control tips to help you take […]

04 Sep
House with trees, palm trees, cacti and red ants in front yard.
All You Need to Know About Fire Ants in Arizona

When you imagine a fire ant, you might envision a bright-red, angry-looking insect known as the red-imported fire ant—native to South America and generally found only in the southeastern United States as well as Southern California. While this type has made rare appearances in Arizona before, it is not established throughout the state. And that’s […]

25 Aug
Palo verde beetle.
Are Palo Verde Beetles Dangerous?

It’s that time of year: Across Arizona, giant beetles can be seen surfacing from the earth, startling residents and leaving them asking, “Is the Palo Verde beetle dangerous?”   On a recent segment from 12NEWS KPNX, Burns Pest Elimination was featured to inform the public more about this bug, its lifecycle, and to what degree […]