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Latest from Burns Pest Elimination

04 Nov
Heart-shaped cactus in the Arizona wilderness.
Your Guide to Fall Desert Pests

When it comes to living in the desert, one of the challenges that homeowners and businesses face is dealing with pests. That’s why Burns Pest Elimination is here to provide information about common pests, their behavior, their appearance, and signs to look for so you can take steps to stay ahead of the game and […]

25 Oct
Pest control professional with protective equipment sprays trees for pest protection in the fall.
Fall Pest Prevention

Fall Pest Prevention With the falling leaves and the cooler weather, fall is an amazing time of year filled with scenic walks, pumpkin patches, and time with the ones you love. However, seeing pests in your home can easily disturb that fun. Even with the colder weather, many pests can infest your home or business […]

20 Oct
Wolf spider perches above egg sac
How To Protect Your Pets From Wolf Spiders

How To Protect Your Pets From Wolf Spiders Having a pet around the house can liven up your home in ways nothing else can. From a bouncing puppy to a purring cat, pet ownership should be an absolute joy for you and your loved ones. But, when you have a problem with wolf spiders around […]

13 Oct
Mosquitoes fly above a field in the backlight of the evening sun.
Places Mosquitoes Hide and Breed Around Your Yard

Places Mosquitoes Hide and Breed Around Your Southwest Yard In the heat of desert states, mosquitoes are a common problem that plague yards across the Arizona, Nevada, and more. Not only do they bring several health concerns, such as the spread of diseases, but they can also make your yard more uncomfortable to be in. […]

21 Aug
How To Protect Your Home From the Ant Army

We all know how hot the summer season can get, especially in the dry heat of Arizona. While we can use our homes as cooler, more comfortable resting places, the armies of ants outside don’t have their own place to go. This is why they try to join us in our well-decorated, air-conditioned places of […]

30 Jun
Backlit silhouette of a cricket crawling on a green leaf
Are You Being Overrun By Crickets? Here’s 5 Things To Try

Crickets chirping – a sound that puts many people to sleep across the country. If you combine crickets with a babbling brook, it’s an instant recipe for snoozing and snoring. However, for those who live in congested residential areas with loud neighbors and passing cars, the sound of crickets is added noise, especially when these […]

29 Jun
Several brown bed bugs crawl around a ripped seam in a mattress
How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

Typically, when you go on vacation, you may want to bring home a few souvenirs with you to remember your time from your trip. However, one memento we’re certain you don’t want to bring home with you are bed bugs. Recognized by their flat exoskeleton and reddish-brown color, these bloodthirsty pests are known for reproducing […]

27 May
Why Are Scorpions Attracted to Your Home?

Where there are desert climates, you will likely find a scorpion or two — meaning if you live in the arid southwestern states, there’s a chance you may have stumbled upon one of these creepy and dangerous arachnids in your house. It may seem obvious, but the best way to eliminate a scorpion infestation in […]

04 May
How Dangerous Is a Cockroach Infestation Really?

Cockroach infestations can be more than just an annoying nuisance — they can be downright dangerous. Cockroaches are incredibly unsanitary, with the ability to spread hazardous bacteria, viruses, and parasites around your home or business, leading to disease and other health risks. This pest can also cause structural damages to your property, while emitting odors […]

24 Apr
Good Bee, Bad Bee: How to Tell the Difference

As you’ve likely noticed, there’s been a growing push over the last several years to protect the world’s declining bee population. While many people are afraid of bees, they actually play a vital role in nature by pollinating crops and helping maintain ecological balance. This is certainly the case in the Grand Canyon State, as […]