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Pavement Ants

Ant; black; garden ant; Lasius niger

Pavement ants are a common urban and suburban pest and get their name from their propensity to build entrances to their underground nests in cracked pavement and between concrete. Pavement ants are well known for eating just about anything, from dead insects and honeydew from aphids to even meat and cheese. 

Unlike some ants, pavement ants possess a stinger, though they are not venomous to humans or pets and are not aggressive. But if pavement ants infiltrate your home, they can contaminate and destroy food—and no one wants to see an ant army when they come home from work for the day. Thankfully, Burns Pest Elimination is here for the residential ant control you need. Read more about the Pavement ant below. 

How to Identify Pavement Ants

The easiest way to identify pavement ants is by identifying their nest: pavement ants leave behind circular mounds of soil in and around cracks in pavement and similar places. But if you’ve got ants running around your property and want to identify them, use the following criteria:

  • Size: Pavement ants can grow up to 1/8 inch, or about 3mm, in length
  • Color: Pavement ants are black or a very dark brown and lack other markings
  • Habitat: Pavement ants build their nests deep in the soil, and their trails will go back to those nests

How to Pavement Ants in Arizona

Pavement ants prefer to be outside, but they will invade your home if there is reason to do so. Any food left out unattended is literally ant bait, and pavement ants will gleefully disassemble it and take it back to their nest. Make sure to keep your home tidy and to clean up spills quickly. 

Additionally, since pavement ants make their nests underground, you’re going to want to make sure that pavement ants aren’t able to tunnel directly into your home. Examine your home for cracks on the base of your home on the outside and inside in the foundation. 

Pave Over Pavement Ants with Burns Pest in Arizona & Las Vegas 

Pavement ants aren’t a serious health hazard for your home, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not a nuisance pest. Pavement ants can contaminate and destroy food—and since their diet is so wide, nothing is safe. Get rid of any ant infestation you might have and prevent future ant infestations with the power of Burns Pest Elimination. Hop online to get your free pest control quote or give us a call today!

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