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Fire Ants

Fire ants can be found typically nesting in the ground, with their characteristic dirt mound on the surface. They are working insects and nest in colonies. One colony of fire ants can have as many as 250,000 workers!

Fire ants are omnivorous insects – eating other insects, worms, spiders, and even young vertebrate animals such as birds, rodents, and calves. These ants also feed on dead animals, meats, greasy foods, and sweets. To avoid inviting ants into unwanted places always keep countertops and pantry shelves clear of food debris, trash cans secure, and pet food contained.

Not only are fire ants a nuisance but they can also be very dangerous to those sensitive to their venom or when an individual receives a large quantity of bites. If a large number of bites are received, more serious reactions can be observed such as nausea, sweating, excessive itching, trouble breathing, and in some people, even death.

We offer ant control for fire ants in the following areas:


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