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Argentine Ants

Argentine ant (Linepithema humile) tends a colony of aphids (Aphis sp.) on a Jade flower bud (Crassula ovata)

As their name implies, Argentine ants originally come from the South American country of Argentina. But the hardy, adventurous ants have since spread across the world and can be found in Arizona, Nevada, and throughout the United States. Argentine ants are attracted to moisture—especially moisture—and are particularly notable for their interconnected nest system. Argentine ant nests feature multiple queens and can expand very quickly.

Like other ants, Argentine ants are attracted to syrup and other sweets. They bring food back to their nests in trails multiple ants wide. And if you’ve got Argentine ants, you probably don’t have other species around. That’s because the invasive Argentine ants are aggressive and push out other ant populations.

Are you afraid of invading Argentine ants? Burns Pest Elimination can help with residential ant control near you. Read more about Argentine ants below. 

How to Identify Argentine Ants

One way you can identify Argentine ants is through the sheer number of ants: they breed quickly and expand into large colonies with many queens. Individual Argentine ants can be identified by the following:

  • Size: tiny Argentine ants are usually only 2mm to 3mm in length, with queens growing up to only 1/4 inch in length
  • Color: Argentine ants are dark, muddy brown all over with no markings
  • Body: the segmented Argentine ants are smooth and hairless with large mandibles and an uneven thorax 

How to Prevent Argentine Ants in Arizona

Many of the same steps to preventing Argentine ants are similar to preventing other kinds of ants. First, make sure that no food is readily available. This includes everything from easily accessible fruits to sweet drinks and open trash cans. Second, make sure that your home doesn’t have any easily accessible entrance points for Argentine ants to take advantage of. Be sure to consider windows on upper floors, too, as Argentine ants can enter from tree branches.

Additionally, Argentine ants are drawn to standing water. Make sure that you don’t have any pools of standing water in or around your home, and take steps to ensure that doesn’t happen often (for instance, after a rain). 

Contact Burns Pest for Argentine Ant Control in Arizona & Las Vegas

Argentine ants are invasive, both technically and in practice. With many queens and their interconnected nests, it can be extremely difficult to eradicate them if they’ve infiltrated your walls. Argentine ants can move from nest to nest as needed. That’s why we recommend professional pest control from the experts at Burns Pest Elimination. Get your pest control quote or give us a call today!

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