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Crazy Ants

Crazy ants are unique little insects. They are highly adaptable and able to live in most environments, both wet and dry. They tend to occupy trees, plants, yard waste, soil, the underside of rocks and stones, and even the inside of electrical equipment and buildings. These ants are different from other species in that while their colonies tend to be relatively small, they have a high number of queen ants. With so many in one space, crazy ants often create a “supercolony,” which is a network of smaller colonies that may contain hundreds of millions of ants. 

How to Identify Crazy Ants

Crazy ants are most readily identified by their “crazy” erratic movements and reddish-brown color. These ants are known for their uncanny ability to give off a pheromone when they are attacked that brings other ants to their aid. They have an interesting attraction to electrical equipment and frequently infest electronics, releasing this pheromone when they are electrocuted. Other ants come to assist, and the insect infestation quickly grows—causing the electronics to short-circuit. This is determined to cause hundreds of millions of dollars in electrical damages across the United States every year!

How to Prevent Crazy Ants Indoors

Due to the size of their colonies, crazy ant invasions can be very difficult to control. As with many pests, the best way to prevent an outbreak is to keep your indoor space clean. If you notice crazy ants in your house or commercial building, doing your best to locate their entry points and seal them off will go a long way toward stopping their advance. 

When dealing with crazy ants, it is important to note the potency and effect of the pheromones they release. As the ants are eliminated, more ants will come to their aid. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional who is experienced and equipped to handle the size of these ant colonies.

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We know that dealing with pests is never ideal. When it comes to crazy ant infestations in your residence or business, you can trust Burns Pest Elimination to work tirelessly and get the situation under control. If you live in the Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, orLas Vegas areas, Burns can be there fast to help you when you need it most. Start taking back your home and yard: Request a free ant pest control quote today!


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