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Despite having a pretty cool name, yellowjackets are one of the most dangerous insects in the United States. When threatened, they tend to be aggressive and, unlike honey bees, can sting a victim multiple times. Yellowjackets are social wasps that build colonies and nest above ground. Nests typically start off relatively small and can grow to be the size of a basketball. You might spot a yellowjacket nest under porch steps, on the exterior corners of buildings and homes, in between sidewalk cracks, and at the base of trees. 

At Burns Pest Elimination, we know yellowjackets can easily become a nuisance and a bother to deal with. If you suspect you have a yellowjacket problem, reach out to us and we’ll find the solution for you.

How to Identify Yellowjackets

Named after their bright yellow and black appearance, yellowjackets are hard to miss. You can identify them by their:

  • Body – long bodies with a cinched waist
  • Color – yellow and black, sometimes with white and black markings
  • Wings – brownish-orange in color and almost as long as their bodies

How to Prevent Yellowjackets in Arizona

The most effective way to prevent yellowjackets is through sanitation. Yellowjackets are attracted to human food, particularly sweets and sugary drinks. Reduce all access to food outdoors by picking up any garbage around the area and making sure trash bins are secured tightly. To prevent yellowjackets from invading your space indoors, be sure to seal any gaps, holes, or cracks that could be used as entryways.

Get Rid of Yellowjackets in Arizona or Las Vegas

Our certified pest professionals at Burns Pest Elimination understand the potential danger that comes with yellowjacket infestations around Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vegas. That’s why when you call on us for help, we’ll inspect your home or business and implement a plan quickly and efficiently. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or request a quote online today.

We offer wasp nest removal for yellowjackets in the following areas:


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