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Giant Crab Spiders

Tropical crab spider macrophoto. Warm climate spider or thomisidae closeup. Exotic pet spider. Tropical insect studio photo on white background

Giant crab spiders, also known as huntsman spiders, are one of the largest spiders in North America. Resembling the behavior of crabs in both appearance and movement, this fearsome arachnid doesn’t use a web to catch its prey. Instead, it perches on vertical surfaces and waits for its prey to get close enough for an ambush. While these spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them, they won’t hesitate to bite if threatened. Their bite may not be harmful to humans, but it might be harmful to your peace of mind knowing this spider is in your home. 

How to Identify Giant Crab Spiders

Because of their size, giant crab spiders are often mislabeled as tarantulas; however, you can confirm whether you’ve encountered a tarantula or crab spider by its legs. Giant crab spiders have legs that are splayed out like a crab’s. In addition, crab spiders also move side to side like a crab on account of their twisted joints. They’re typically a dark-brown, sometimes with a greyish brown abdomen with long legs that can exceed 2 inches. Because of their brown color, they are excellent at hiding among natural debris such as tree trunks, shrubs, and boulders.

Preventing Giant Crab Spiders in Arizona

It might be comforting to know that giant crab spiders aren’t necessarily interested in entering your home, but that doesn’t mean they can’t wander inside. Typically, if your home has a crab spider problem, it’s more likely on the property. If you’ve found a crab spider in your home you might have a number of them in your yard. Crab spiders are most attracted to landscaped areas where insects are abundant, so it’s best to keep any landscaped areas well manicured so there are fewer camouflage options for this spider. 

If you’re worried about this crab-walking spider mistakenly entering your home, it would be wise to seal any cracks this pest could squeeze its flattened body through and move landscaping a few feet away for your home’s exterior. 

Kick Giant Crab Spiders to the Curb in Arizona & Las Vegas

Although surprisingly docile, giant crab spiders are an unsettling sight if you’re unlucky enough to spot one. Thankfully, the pest control specialists at Burns Pest Elimination have the training and expertise needed to spot these oversized arachnids and determine the best mode of treatment to control the number of giant crab spiders lurking in your lawn. Take back your peace of mind and call Burns Pest Elimination for your free consultation, or schedule your appointment online today! 

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