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Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders are one of the nimblest spider species you’ll come across in Arizona. Tiny and agile, these arachnids dart around catching flies, crickets, and other small insects. From time to time, their hunt takes them into your home. Jumping spiders’ venom is only powerful enough to kill their prey, but it can still cause itching and mild swelling if you or your loved ones are bitten.

If you’re concerned about jumping spiders sneaking into your living space, put yourself at ease with Burns Pest Elimination. Learn how to identify and prevent jumping spiders below, or request your free spider control quote today!

How to Identify Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders’ knack for sudden leaps is their most identifiable trait. While they can jump up to six times their body length, jumping spiders’ power doesn’t come from their legs. Instead, they propel themselves forward or upward with a sudden shift in their body fluid pressure, like a tiny hydraulic system. Other ways you can spot them, however, include their:

  • Size – Relatively small, ranging from 2 to 22 mm
  • Color – Appearance varies based on subspecies, but typically gray, tan, or brown with bright blue, gray, white, red, or yellow markings
  • Body – Thick, small bodies covered with hair

How to Get Rid of Jumping Spiders in Arizona

Jumping spiders’ small size makes them difficult to prevent without the help of routine pest control services. However, you can limit their means of entering your home by sealing drafty windows, filling in cracks in the walls, or installing sweeps on the bottom of your doors. 

Get the Jump on Jumping Spiders with Burns Pest in Arizona & Las Vegas 

They may be tiny, but jumping spiders can become a big headache if too many of them find their way into your home. Before a jumping spider nips at you or your loved ones, contact Burns Pest Elimination. Call our team to discuss your options for controlling and preventing jumping spiders, or get your free pest control quote today!

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