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House Spiders

While wolf spiders and orb weavers prefer the outdoors, common house spiders are homebodies who stick to Arizona households. Their appearance may be unsettling, but their bite is only deadly to small insects. Nevertheless, no one wants to find one of these eight-legged critters dangling from their ceiling or creeping around their bedroom.

Don’t let house spiders become your new roommates. Whether you suspect you have a few hiding in your home or squashing them is an ongoing battle, Burns Pest Elimination can help you learn how to identify, prevent, and control house spiders in Arizona. Find out more below!

How to Identify House Spiders

As long as it’s indoors, house spiders aren’t particular about the spots they make their home/ From attics and sheds to basements or corners of tall ceilings, you won’t have to look hard to find house spiders. Common house spider characteristics include:

  • Size – Typically measure 5 to 8 mm in length
  • Color – Range from gray to brown, with darker, angled bands on their legs

How to Keep Spiders Away

House spiders’ slim bodies allow them to slip through even the tiniest cracks and holes. Go around your home and seal damaged walls, install sweeps under your doors, and check windows that may be poorly sealed. Vacuum, dust, and sweep house spider hot spots, such as garages, high ceiling areas, and closets to get rid of adult spiders, their egg sacs, or webs. 

Evict House Spiders in Arizona & Las Vegas with Burns Pest

Stop house spiders from calling your living space home sweet home with Burns Pest Elimination When you choose our residential spider control solutions, our technicians will scope out your property and offer you a recommendation for your house spider issue. Request your free pest control quote or give us a call today! 


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