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Cellar Spiders

Cellar spider on white background

Cellar spiders are probably the most commonly found spider in most Arizona and Las Vegas homes. They are virtually harmless to humans but their tendency to build their webs near each other makes it easy for them to quickly reproduce and spread throughout your home. If you encounter several of these spiders in your basement or attic it might be time to call in professional help to get rid of these long-legged pests.  

How to Identify Cellar Spiders

Even though cellar spiders are sometimes called daddy long-legs, they are actually quite different. Cellar spiders are true arachnids with a segmented body, while true daddy long-legs have fused bodies. They are often gray or tan with long, skinny legs, and like to build their webs close to each other making it easier for them to mate and become a big problem in your home. Cellar spiders aren’t known to bite humans, but they are a nuisance.

Preventing Cellar Spiders in Las Vegas and Arizona

Cellar spiders tend to go where their food goes. Outside, these spiders will collect near flower beds or white light where other insects flock at night. These long-legged spiders will also follow their food into your home so be sure to cut off these spiders and their potential meal by sealing any cracks in your foundation, doors, and windows. Frequently knocking down webs will also destroy this spider’s home and hopefully deter them from building a web in the same spot again. 

Rid Your Home of Cellar Spiders with Burns Pest Elimination

It’s comforting to know that cellar spiders can’t harm you, but their long legs and small body might be an unsettling sight for some. If the number of cellar spiders in your basement is too much to handle, call the pest control experts at Burns Pest Elimination. We will help you pinpoint how these spiders are getting in, how you can keep them out, and treat your home to evict any cellar spiders already living in your home. With our expertise and pest control techniques, you don’t have to live in fear of cellar spiders. Get your pest control quote or give us a call today!

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