How Scorpions Turn Your House Into Their Summer Home

Pest control tips to keep your home safe all season

Scorpions can be a problem as they look for sources of food and shelter during hot Arizona summers. Full-grown scorpions are around two inches long and are identifiable by their slim bodies and curved, segmented tails. Not all of these arachnids are poisonous, but the yellowish bark scorpion found in the Southwest can pose a danger if you encounter one in the house. Keep your home pest-free this summer with these scorpion control tips.

Eliminate Scorpion “Hangouts”

During scorching hot weather, scorpions look for cool, protected places to stay out of the sun. Wood piles, compost heaps, long grass and the undersides of shrubs are all perfect places for scorpions to hunker down. Clean up piles of debris and minimize shady areas to make your yard less appealing to these pests.

Stay Dry

Another thing that scorpions look for is water. Make sure that they don’t find it by getting rid of puddles outside the house and wiping up indoor spills immediately. Look for leaks or places where condensation may be dripping and address these problems before your home becomes a scorpion hotel.

Seal All Entries

Scorpions only need a fraction of an inch of space to get into your house. Do a thorough indoor and outdoor inspection for cracks and crevices. Look at windows, doors and places where pipes or wires pass through walls. Stuff gaps with insulation and seal cracks with caulking or weather stripping. Use fine mesh screens on any windows or doors that you plan to have open and keep them in good repair.

Repel Naturally

Planting lavender around the outside of your home is a good way to discourage scorpions from entering. Cedar is also a safe deterrent. Mix cedar essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spray around all possible points of entry to create an aromatic barrier.

Control Other Pests

If you have problems with other insects, scorpions will see your home as an appetizing buffet. Refrain from leaving food scraps or crumbs out on kitchen counters, store food in sealed containers and place garbage well away from the house to keep bugs out. If necessary, invest in natural control methods like diatomaceous earth.

These preventative measures should keep scorpions out of your home, but if you find that more have moved in than you can manage on your own, contact us at Burns Pest Elimination. We service the Phoenix and Tucson areas with comprehensive pest control methods that eliminate scorpions and discourage them from coming back. With help from Burns, you can reclaim your home from these potentially dangerous pests.