Termites in Arizona and Nevada

Characteristics of Termites

The more common type of termite species in Arizona and Nevada, subterranean termites, are nearly impossible to identify without the presence of “swarmers.” Swarmers consist of winged reproductive females and males. Once they mate, they will leave their wings behind in piles. If you see swarmers, or piles of their small wings, that’s a sure sign you need to take action against these pests as soon as possible before they destroy your home.

Termites are social insects that raise their young as a group and multiply alarmingly fast. Termite colonies do nothing but eat, eat, eat! They will spend 24 hours a day eating away at your home or business before any signs of damage are apparent.

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Termites in Arizona and Nevada

Termites as Pests

In the U.S., termites cause more than a billion dollars in property damage every year. Signs of termite infestations also include constructed mud tubes in and around the foundation of your home, the presence of flying or swarming termites, a sunken or rippling appearance of wallpaper or wall coverings, and the interior of wood hollowed out with dried mud or soil. You might also spot termite droppings, which look like piles of sawdust, around your home, which is a telltale sign termites are making a meal of your living space or business.

Termite Control in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson

A termite infestation requires professional help. Our trained technicians are experts at identifying termite infestations and treating the problem holistically with baits, liquid insecticides, and fumigation. From Phoenix and Tucson to Las Vegas and everywhere in between, Burns Pest professionals are ready to treat termite invasions.

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If you see any signs of termite infestation, contact the professionals at Burns. We have the skills, equipment, and treatments needed to eliminate termite infestations properly and quickly to keep your Arizona or Nevada home or business structure intact and safe for your family, friends, and customers.