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04 May
Man in bee keeper suit.
Good Bee, Bad Bee: Why It’s Important to Know

Separating Friend from Foe in the World of Bees You hear a lot in the news about the diminishing bee population, and many people are taking action to help bring these insects back to yards and gardens. Having bees around is essential for keeping the food supply healthy and preserving natural flora, but did you […]

04 May
Cockroach on table.
Summer Heat Brings Roaches in to Play

Summer is when you enjoy the great outdoors, soak up the sun and float in the pool. Unfortunately, while you’re out having a blast, cockroaches may be sneaking into your home to throw their own summer parties inside your pantry or under your sink. If it seems like you get more unwanted visits from cockroaches […]

04 May
Scorpion on a cactus.
The 5 Most Common Pests in Arizona

People love Arizona; the abundance of sunny five and mild weather and the abundance of natural beauty is enough to make anyone consider relocating. Unfortunately, pests love it too. Here are the five most common pests Arizona deals with and the most effective ways to make them go away: Cockroaches Brown-banded roaches and German roaches […]

04 May
Wild weeds.
Worrisome Weeds: The Top 5 Arizona Lawn Invaders

You’re proud of your beautiful lawn, but stubborn, destructive Arizona weeds are a constant threat to its health. They arrive quietly, sneaking their way in between cracks, blades of grass and new flowers. If you don’t act quickly, they can turn your lawn into a disaster. It’s important to know your enemy. Here are the most common […]

04 May
It’s Time to Get Rid of Those Citronella Tiki Torches

Citronella torches, candles and oil lamps are smelly old standbys for keeping mosquitoes away, but bugs aren’t the only ones who don’t care for their overbearing, lemony fragrance. Although mosquitoes aren’t as prevalent in Arizona as they are in more humid parts of the country, Tucson and Phoenix residents may still do battle with them […]

04 May
Assassin Bug.
5 of Our Most Shocking Bug and Insect Facts

The next time a party starts to lose its buzz, turn the topic to some of our stranger Phoenix and Tucson pests. If you want to shake up the gang with a few shocking bug facts, these five candidates are guaranteed to put an unusual zing into any conversation. 1. Some Scorpions Run in Packs! Most […]

04 May
Woman using a weed wacker.
Are These Lawn Care Mistakes Letting Weeds Take Over Your Yard?

No one likes a brown, weed-covered lawn. Unfortunately, Arizona’s hot climate poses a whole raft of challenges for homeowners who wish to keep their properties looking great all year long. If you’re not careful, you could fall into some common lawn care traps that exacerbate the risks for your precious grass. Learn how to avoid […]

04 May
Bed bug.
Bitten by Bed Bugs? Very Few Treatments Will Suffice

The Facts About Phoenix and Tucson Area Infestations Approximately 20% of U.S. households have experienced a bed bug infestation, and this highlights the importance of remaining alert and taking quick action if any of these pests do find their way into your home. Keep in mind that bed bugs are not limited to certain geographic or […]

03 May
Bed bug.
Arizona Bed Bugs: How Do the New Laws Work?

Bed Bugs in Phoenix and Tucson: Learn About Arizona’s New Law If you’re a landlord or a renter in the Phoenix or Tucson area, you’ll benefit from Arizona’s law about bed bugs. These nasty little creatures are becoming a growing problem all across America, which will hopefully prompt other states to follow Arizona’s lead in […]

03 May
Arizona Paper Wasp.
Is The Arizona Paper Wasp a Friend or Foe?

Despite their angry looks, the Arizona paper wasp might not be so bad after all… Is it possible for a pest to be a nuisance and also beneficial at the same time? When it comes to the paper wasp, the answer is a definite ‘Yes’. Think of paper wasps like in-laws. It’s okay to see […]