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03 May
Subterranean Termites.
Important Information About Termites: Prevention and Awareness

Get a Handle on Termites in Phoenix and Tucson with Proper Pest Control A termite infestation can completely destroy a home, making these little winged monsters a big enemy. A true infestation requires professional treatments, such as baits, liquid insecticides and fumigation. However, there are many things homeowners can do to help prevent an infestation […]

03 May
Bitten By Bed Bugs? Banish Them With These 5 Tips!

Do you find yourself covered in itchy red bumps when you wake up in the morning? You might be dealing with bed bugs. Before you panic, try these methods for banishing the creepy-crawlies from the bedroom and the rest of the house. 1. Clean Up the Mess Clutter of any kind is prime hiding space […]

03 May
What Pest Control Should You Use? In-Wall vs. Regular Spray Treatment

Pest Control Systems: In-Wall versus Classic Spray If you’re dealing with a pest infestation in your home, your objective is likely to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. Whether it’s ants, cockroaches, silverfish or something else, a pest issue can lower your quality of life. You need effective treatment that won’t cause […]

03 May
Butterfly on flower.
Fact or Myth, Do Butterflies Taste Through Their Toes?

Well, sort of. Butterflies don’t have toes per se, but they also don’t have mouths or tongues. Rather, a butterfly will land on different plants and use special organs in its feet to sense dissolved sugars. This sort of “taste” is a very effective way to find food sources such as fermenting fruit. While butterflies […]

03 May
Dark brown cockroach.
Cockroaches Will Outlive Us All

There’s little doubt that cockroaches are tough. This fast-moving insect has remained in existence for at least 300 million years. However, we sometimes hear claims that seem a little far-fetched. Could this bug really endure a hurricane, volcanic eruption or nuclear war? We decided to conduct some research and find the truth. What Can They Survive? People […]

03 May
Dark brown cockroach.
Is There a Difference Between German and American Cockroaches?

There’s no shortage of cockroaches in Arizona. In fact, there are several species common to the area. All roaches are cringe-worthy and send many people running for their brooms, but when you see a roach in your home, it’s helpful to know exactly what to expect and how to deal with the problem. The most […]

03 May
Roof rat.
Get to Know Your Arizona Rat

Identifying and Understanding Common Arizona Rats Rats can make cute and cuddly friends when you pick them up at the pet store, but it’s another story when rodents show up at your house uninvited. Wild rats can damage your home, wreak havoc on your garden and even pose health threats to your family. The warm […]

03 May
Rat eating a sandwich out of a lunch bag.
Are Pack Rats the Most Damaging Force in the Sonoran Desert?

To pack rats, everything is a “collector’s item.”   Arizonans often use the term “pack rat” to describe people who collect too many belongings. Until they invade your home, it’s easy to forget that pack rats are also highly-destructive animals. These large nocturnal rodents feature big ears, furry tails and multicolored hair. They like to collect things […]

03 May
Sonoran Desert Toad.
Monsoon Season to Bring a Plight of Toads and Frogs!

Monsoon season in the Tucson and Phoenix areas means an influx of water, flickering lights and messy roads. Of course, the heavy rains of the season also bring many toads and frogs out into the open. Eager to gorge on the bugs available during monsoons, these amphibians cause serious problems for some home and business […]

03 May
Crane fly.
The Crane Fly: Is It the Ally You Were Hoping For?

The mosquito is probably the most universally hated insect in the world, so anything that we believe will kill it is sure to win favor. One such creature is a long-legged, winged insect with a bumbling flight path and a wispy, delicate frame. It’s called a crane fly, but many people refer to it as […]