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Sniffing Out Rats and Mice: How to Find Favorite Rodent Hideouts

Rats and mice might be cute in the movies, but in real life, they present a serious threat to your home and health. Contaminated food, unsanitary droppings, chewed wiring and the risk of rodent-borne diseases make rodents some of the most unwelcome house guests in the world. The sneaky little fellows must know how we humans feel about them; they’ve become adept at hiding from us. Fortunately, they do leave calling cards. Your first clue might be the unpleasant, musty smell of rodent urine. You may also see rodent droppings or chewed food containers, or you might hear scratching and squeaking in the walls at night. When the clues are undeniable, it’s time to launch a full investigation.

If You Smell a Rat, Go Find Him

Get your eyes, nose and flashlight ready. Start your search with key areas where rodents love to hide such as the following.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

If you don’t find huge rodent nests behind your stove, don’t assume your problem is insignificant and give up. Mice and rats proliferate quickly, so even the presence of a few could mean serious trouble within a short time frame. Try moving your furniture around to look for fecal matter or signs of chewing activity. If your cat or dog seems fascinated with a specific spot on the wall, stop calling your pet crazy and pay attention. Your furry friend might be trying to tell you exactly where the problem lies. If you can’t determine where rodents are hiding inside your house, look outside for potential entry points like small gaps or holes that could reveal clues. It’s hard to outsmart a rodent, so if your detective work fails, don’t feel bad. Go to plan B. A professional exterminator will know exactly how to locate your pests and help you get rid of them.

Burns Pest Elimination Finds and Evicts Phoenix and Tucson Rodents

With more than three decades of rodent control experience, Burns Pest Elimination knows how to detect mice and rats, locate their nesting areas and eliminate their presence using a variety of methods including live and poison-baited traps and snap traps. Our long-term extermination plans help keep rodents away for good. With a little help from us, your food, family and home can be safe from furry, disease-carrying invaders and other common pests. To learn more about our services, or schedule a rodent control evaluation today request a quote below.