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6 Reasons to Avoid Pigeons Like the Plague

They’re not as harmless as they look.
Statue with a bird on it.

Pigeons spend much of their time in search of food. They often land on bridges, utility lines and roofs. While these birds don’t intend to hurt anyone, they harm people in several significant ways. Here are six reasons why you should avoid them, and a few pigeon control measures you can take to deter them from your property.

  1. Bird dung is more than a nuisance. It can corrode metal, kill grass and release an unpleasant odor. If numerous pigeons gather in a small area, their droppings may create a safety hazard by causing walkways to become slippery.
  2. Nesting materials and droppings have the potential to damage buildings. They could block a drainage pipe, downspout, vent or chimney. This can result in water leaks or increase the likelihood of a fire.
  3. Bird excrement often transmits bacteria and viruses. This usually happens after dried feces turn into airborne dust. Medical News Today reports that pigeon-related sicknesses include candidiasis, histoplasmosis and salmonella poisoning.
  4. You might catch an illness known as cryptococcosis if you come in contact with a fungus that pigeons spread. At first, it causes fatigue, headaches, confusion and nausea. The symptoms eventually turn severe; hearing loss or brain damage could occur.
  5. When mosquitoes bite birds, they can become infected with St. Louis encephalitis and various other diseases. The insects can then transmit these viruses to humans. This brings about serious medical problems, such as a fever, paralysis or even a coma.
  6. An assortment of parasites hitch rides on pigeons and other birds. They include chicken mites, bedbugs and yellow mealworms. These pests frequently feed on humans or invade food in pantries. They spread several different diseases as well.

Pigeons may build nests on flat surfaces like ledges. If they can find their way indoors, they’ll also take up residence in attics. The presence of pigeons usually attracts more birds and insects that exacerbate these six problems.

Pigeon Deterrent

To keep these winged animals at bay, deny them access to garbage and other food sources. Urge family members, neighbors and employees not to feed them. Streamers or kites may scare unwanted birds away. You can also spray them with a garden hose.

It’s best to leave other forms of pigeon control to the experts. If you try to remove these birds without the right gear, this task could expose you to germs and parasites. Shooting pigeons rarely solves the problem, and it may violate local laws.

Pigeon Control

Pest control professionals install equipment that humanely repels pigeons. These products include nets, bird spikes and electrified metal tracks. A pigeon deterrent can reliably stop these animals from perching or constructing nests on any building.

Burns Pest Elimination delivers lasting solutions to even your worst pigeon problems. We can trap pigeons, remove their nests and install high-quality bird spikes that prevent them from returning. Our company strives to use humane yet effective methods. To learn more, please contact Burns Pest Elimination in Las Vegas, Tucson, or Phoenix.