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Fleas are a well-known pest that pet owners are aware of and trying to prevent from entering their home. Fleas latch on to a host, typically an animal, and feed on their blood to survive. Usually they remain with one host unless physically removed, but if removed can latch onto another host. Dogs and cats bring these pests indoors where they breed and multiply. If a home has other rodents or pests residing in the home, walls, attic, or basement, fleas can be present and feeding on those creatures to survive. The most effective way to prevent fleas from entering the home is to eliminate outdoor flea habitats and hosts.

It is easy to tell when you have a flea problem because you can visibly see them jumping around, as adult fleas are relatively easy to spot. The bites of fleas cause discomfort and itching, so you will often notice your pets scratching, licking, or grooming themselves repeatedly. The real nuisance becomes the flea larvae and pupae that are much more secretive and less active. They can usually be found in secluded areas such as under or inside furniture, in pet bedding, inside cracks in flooring, and hidden in carpet. Female fleas deposit eggs onto the host, so as your pet travels around your home they can be littering the environment with flea eggs.

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