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06 May
Operating room inside healthcare facility.
A Pest Control Plan for Healthcare Facilities

How It Happens and How to Prevent It No place is immune to pests, and that includes healthcare facilities. Bugs spread disease and contaminate surfaces, equipment and supplies. They carry bacteria that they distribute throughout a facility as they move from one area to another. The larger the facility, the more at risk that facility […]

06 May
8 FAQs About Ticks and Tick Safety

Knowing These Facts About Ticks Can Protect Your Home & Family! From Lyme disease to uncomfortable rashes to severe infections, tick bites can result in a wide array of unpleasant ailments. The good news is that a little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to protecting yourself from ticks. Here are some of […]

06 May
Rat eating food.
Are Roof Rats Destroying Your Home’s Value?

Why Roof Rats Can Cost You Money for Expensive Home Repairs Roof rats, the smaller and more skittish cousin of the Norway rat, are frequently found in attics and other high out-of-the-way places. They don’t tolerate cold well, so they prefer homes along the coast and in warmer areas of the country, such as Arizona […]