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How Do Scorpions Get in the House?

When it comes to pests, scorpions rank high on the list of those to avoid. And although a scorpion’s sting is rarely fatal, it can cause a wide range of reactions. Scorpion control is one of the many services offered by Burns Pest Control. After years of experience providing scorpion control in Arizona, we’ve learned a lot about how—and why—this stinging arachnid heads indoors.

Common Reasons Scorpions Invade Homes

Like most of the critters that prompt homeowners to call for professional pest control, scorpions tend to invade homes in search of food. The best way to prevent them from coming inside is to seal off points of entry. Sometimes, though, these pests hitch a ride in boxes, plants, and other items we bring into our houses. Check all items before bringing them indoors to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Popular Points of Entry

Preventing entry in the first place is the best form of scorpion control. The following locations around your home are common ways that scorpions can gain indoor access:

Inspect your home for possible scorpion entryways. Replace damaged weather strips, and fill in gaps, cracks, and holes with caulking. Place wire mesh over vents. In addition to providing preventive scorpion control in Arizona homes, these methods help seal other pests out.

Other Types of Scorpion Control

There are many other precautions you can take to keep scorpions at bay. Keep your grass short, and avoid having plants or bushes within a couple of feet of your home. Eliminate or move firewood piles, rocks, tree limbs, and other debris or clutter that act as shelter for scorpions. Don’t forget to check your garage, shed, and any other outbuildings that could be harboring scorpion fugitives.

If you still find scorpions in your home after taking these proactive measures, it’s time to call Burns Pest Control. We provide households and businesses with safe, effective scorpion control in Arizona. Contact us today to request a quote. Our friendly, experienced team will eliminate a current infestation and help prevent future invasions.