Smoky Brown Cockroach

These large roaches are winged and can grow to nearly 1.4 inches in length. They have small “hairs” along their legs, are dark brown to black, and closely resemble the American Cockroach, although Smokey-Brown Cockroaches are entirely black and shiny, whereas American roaches have light rimmed patterns on its thorax. Whichever the roach, infestations can be damaging and unhealthy, and the folks at Burns would be more than happy to keep them away from your home.

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Smoky Brown Cockroach

The Smoky Brown Cockroach can be distinguished by its deep mahogany color, wings, and its relatively large size – reaching around 1.25 inches long. They tend to gather in residential areas around the perimeters of homes in block walls, mulched flower beds, in gutters, piles of leaves, etc. They are attracted to light and moist areas. Although these prefer outdoor climates, they often come indoors once the weather turns cold.

These cockroaches have wings and will fly to higher ground in attics, crawl spaces, and roofs. They can travel from trees onto homes and will enter through any crack or crevice they find. They will often be found near sources of water and are attracted to food. Chronic infestations of these cockroaches are usually associated with attic or crawl spaces with poor ventilation. Infestations are commonly found along the Gulf Coast from central Florida to east Texas, as they thrive in the moist, humid climates.

It is always best to eliminate obvious outdoor sources of food and shelter for these insects and plug any possible entrances to your home. Ensure attics and crawl spaces have adequate ventilation and that windows and vents have tight-fitting screens. Keep all pet food contained and store firewood as far from the house as possible, covering with a plastic tarp.

Even with proper measures being taken to eliminate food, moisture, and sources of entry to your home, infestations may persist. If you are in need of professional guidance and methods of eliminating these pests, call the professionals at Burns – we are here to help!