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Areas of Your Home That Cockroaches Prefer

With warm climate conditions year-round, it’s easy to see why cockroaches in Arizona feel right at home. Known for their propensity to eat almost anything and hide almost anywhere, roaches look for three main things when searching for a place to nest: access to food, moisture, and heat — making residential houses a popular destination for this pest. This blog will take a look at what areas in your home are most susceptible to a cockroach infestation.


When homeowners call in pest elimination professionals for cockroach control, they often point to the kitchen first. Even the cleanest kitchens feature insect amenities that roaches can’t resist, with an endless supply of food in cabinets and pantries, snacking opportunities in pet bowls, a steady supply of water from sink drains, and protective shelter in dark, enclosed spaces.

Cockroaches are drawn to sweets, so sugar bowls, cookie jars and open cereal boxes pull them out of hiding. Spills on countertops and floors are also another temptation they can’t resist. Keep food in tightly-sealed containers and make sure that all crumbs and spills are cleaned up immediately to reduce the chance of cockroaches being attracted to your kitchen.


Bathrooms are also a popular destination for roaches in Arizona looking for a home. These pests dine on soap bars, human hair, and just about anything else found in the trash. Bathtubs and sink drains give cockroaches ready access to water, and splashes on floors and countertops add to the opportunity for a quick drink. Be sure to fix plumbing leaks and keep your bathroom clean to avoid unwanted cockroach visitors.

Laundry Room

Roaches are naturally attracted to the smell of dirty clothes, digging into the basket to feed on microscopic crumbs and organic waste. Cockroaches leave their insect waste behind when they do this, which can lead to damage to your garments.

The underside of washing machines and dryers are a popular place for cockroaches to infest. Not only do these machines provide dark, warm hiding spots, but a leaky washing machine hose or connection can create roach-sized drinking stations. Make sure to keep the area around your appliances dry, and move clothes through the washing and drying process quickly when it comes time to do laundry so they are not sitting around on the floor where roaches can get to them.

Dark Attics

Attics are the perfect place for cockroaches to thrive. The area typically stays dark and very quiet, and there is usually an abundance of food options for this pest to choose from, whether it is the paper from books, important documents, or photographs in an album. Roaches can find moisture around HVAC lines and drip pans. Be sure to check the attic for cockroaches regularly, keeping the area tidy and items in sealable plastic containers.


Everyone enjoys a beautiful sunny day in the backyard. Average summer temperatures in Arizona are typically roach-friendly, and after a good rain this pest thrives. Cockroaches quench their thirst in puddles, flower pots, or pet bowls, and have abundant food supplies from damp compost piles, gardening supplies, and trash cans. The backyard is truly an “all-you-can-eat buffet” for cockroaches.

You can reduce the chances of cockroaches staking out your backyard by eliminating food and water sources to the best of your ability. Remove standing water containers and piles of debris and compost that provide food and shelter, and be sure to seal any outside entry points that cockroaches could take to enter your home.

Cockroaches Can’t Hide From Burns’ Arizona Pest Control

Once a cockroach infestation begins, it can be very difficult to eradicate. As long as this insect has food, moisture, and heat, cockroaches can stay in an area indefinitely, breeding as they go. When you’ve had enough of chasing cockroaches around your home, give the experts at Burns Pest Elimination a call.

With years of experience in the industry, Burns offers the best pest control in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and surrounding areas. When cockroaches try to make your home their home, you can count on the professionals at Burns Pest Elimination to kick them to the curb. Get your free quote today!