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04 May
Wanna Get Scared? Here Are 4 Frightening Facts About Arizona Scorpions

Approximately 56 different species of scorpions call Arizona home. It’s said that knowledge can help overcome fear, but that’s not necessarily true when it comes to Arizona scorpions. Their stingers alone are enough to make these arachnids frightful, but the more you learn, the scarier they can get. Here are four frightening facts about Arizona […]

04 May
American cockroach.
How Dangerous Is a Cockroach Infestation Really?

Hint: It’s worse than you thought.   No one needs much encouragement to call a professional roach killer at the first sign of a cockroach infestation. After all, they’re ugly, eerily fast, seemingly indestructible, and have a bad reputation for spreading nasty germs. But are roaches as dangerous as everyone seems to think? Burns Pest Elimination […]

04 May
The Latest News on the Zika Virus

Recent Investigations Reveal More Details Concerning Zika Considering the severity of complications that may result from infection, it’s no wonder the quickly-spreading Zika virus has made so many headlines recently. In the spring of 2015, the presence of Zika dramatically increased in Brazil. Simultaneously, the country experienced a sizable increase in cases of microcephaly, a […]

04 May
Birds sitting on telephone wire.
Pigeon Problems and Starling Woes: Dealing With Pesky Birds

When Wings in the Sky Cause Trouble Below   Their morning songs add special sweetness to an Arizona sunrise, and it’s inspiring to see their V-shaped formations migrating through the skies. They’re even fun to play with when they’re angry on your smart phone. Birds are wonderful creatures, but they lose their feathered charm when they outnumber […]

04 May
Maggots Are Even Grosser Than You Thought

Think of Them as Cute Little Baby Flies They didn’t crawl into your can, so you can stop boarding up the doors. The source of your maggots was that pesky housefly you’ve been chasing around for three days. When flies lay their eggs in rotting food or other organic material, the squiggly, white maggots are […]

04 May
Statue with a bird on it.
Six Reasons to Avoid Pigeons Like the Plague

They’re not as harmless as they look   Pigeons spend much of their time in search of food. They often land on bridges, utility lines and roofs. While these birds don’t intend to hurt anyone, they harm people in several significant ways. Here are six reasons why you should avoid them, and a few pigeon control measures […]

04 May
mosquito larvae.
Top 11 Reasons Your Garden is a Mosquito Magnet

Mosquitoes can turn gardening into an arduous chore.   You may enjoy gardening, but this activity becomes far less pleasurable when you hear the foreboding whine of a mosquito’s wings. Gloves, a hat and bug repellent may offer some relief. Nonetheless, it only takes one bite to trigger hours of itching. To get rid of mosquitoes, […]

04 May
Hogna carolinensis.
8 Legs Too Many: Common House Spiders

Arizona’s Top Five Arachnid Home Invaders   Their hunting habits and weaving ways play an important role in Arizona’s ecosystem. Our pest problems here in Phoenix and Tucson would be out of control without hungry arachnids. Still, it’s hard to appreciate these five common spiders when they crawl, jump and spin their way through your […]

04 May
Takes Over A Million Ants To Make A Pound

That’s a lot of little workers   Do you know how big an ant really is? You know they’re not very big, but it might shock you to learn just how light they really are. In fact, ants weigh so little that it takes more than 1.5 million average-sized critters to make a full pound. If that […]

04 May
Is it a Yellow Jacket or Tarantula Hawk Wasp?

How Well Do You Really Know Wasps?   A Hymenoptera by any other name spells trouble with nests under the eaves and stingers on the wing. Your fear of their flying is justified, but don’t lump the three most common wasps around Phoenix and Tucson in the same scary category. These are amazing creatures, and […]