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5 Tips for Preventing Pests from Taking Up Residence in Your Home

Make no mistake about it: Pests love to invade homes whether they're clean or not. Pests, insects, and rodents may belong outside, but they often venture inside of residential homes and commercial buildings in search of food, water and shelter. Even clean interiors attract pests that may only want to escape from outdoor predators or the elements. If you're struggling with pest infestations, you can do a few things around the house to curb their populations. Here are 5 DIY pest control practices you can use around your home.

Keep a tight seal around boxed goods.

Some pests can easily get into packaged goods and contaminate your food. Pantry beetles, ants and rodents sniff out opened boxes or tear through paper packaging with ease. Sealing rice, flour and other goods in plastic containers with lids will keep out unwanted pests.


Hotel Pest Control

Protect Your Hotel's Reputation With Effective Pest Management Services.

From bed bugs to rodents, hotels invite many unwanted guests. Even a slight suggestion that a hotel has a pest problem is enough to send potential customers running in the opposite direction. Today, travelers almost always check online reviews before booking rooms. There are even websites where users report bed bug sightings in hotels. If people lose confidence in your hotel's cleanliness, it's almost impossible to regain their trust.

The Importance of Hiring a Commercial Pest Control Service

An effective pest control program should offer proactive protection from would-be infestations. If pests are detected, you need a pest control company that responds quickly and provides discreet services that don't alarm your guests. A reliable pest control partner can help you avoid infestations, complaints, negative reviews and unhappy guests.



Protect your family from these not-always-friendly pests.

Have you ever heard that spiders are the friendliest types of pests to have? They capture mosquitoes and other annoying insects in their webs. However, spiders can be just as annoying. In Arizona and Nevada, some species of spiders are venomous. Be your own spider exterminator. Keep these creepy-crawlies out of your home with these DIY solutions for spider control.

1. Essential Oils

Use essential oils for spider control. Spiders don’t like certain essential oils. These include peppermint, tea tree and citrus oils. Mix a few drops of oil with water in a spray bottle. Apply regularly to baseboards, window frames, door frames and corners in which spiders hang out. You can also tuck a few cotton balls drizzled with these oils into cracks where the spiders may enter your home.

2. Hot Sauce

Using a...

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What goes into K9 bed bug detection?

Dogs can detect bed bugs more easily than you or any other human. This holds true because they have particularly sensitive noses. These animals often help pest control experts identify infested areas. However, they can only find tiny insects if people carefully select the right canines and conduct thorough training.


Certain types of dogs prove desirable for this role. Handlers generally favor ambitious young canines that don't behave aggressively. A small hound can enter cramped spaces and usually doesn't scare people, so Jack Russell terriers and beagles provide appealing options. Many mixed-breed dogs also perform this work, according to The Washington Post.


After selecting a suitable animal, the handler must train a canine for about 90 days. The first step is to teach the pooch how to...


And Avoid Getting Eaten Alive While You Sleep

Bed bug infestations are on the rise, and you can run into these bugs anywhere, especially while traveling. They like to hop on you and your belongings and go home with you. Once settled in, they’re notoriously difficult to get rid of. Arizona and Nevada pest control companies have reported a 70 percent increase in bed bug extermination services over the last year alone. If you have a bed bug problem, or even just suspect you do, hiring a bed bug removal service is often the only way to get rid of the problem for good.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like and Where Do They Hide?

These little critters are flat and reddish-brown. After feeding, they look like plump apple seeds. They can't fly or jump, but they move fast. They prefer to live in bedding and in the seams and crevices of mattresses, box springs and bed frames. They also hide in alarm clocks, night stands, bedside lamps, upholstery, behind wall hangings and in tiny cracks. They lurk inside books, appliances, clothing, wooden...


Mosquitoes can turn gardening into an arduous chore.

You may enjoy gardening, but this activity becomes far less pleasurable when you hear the foreboding whine of a mosquito's wings. Gloves, a hat and bug repellent may offer some relief. Nonetheless, it only takes one bite to trigger hours of itching. To get rid of mosquitoes, check your garden for these common mosquito attractions:

1. Containers

Buckets and pots can turn into insect breeding grounds when they hold stagnant water. Mosquitoes must have water in order to complete their life cycle, and they can breed in as little as a half-inch of resting water. It takes as little as four days for standing water to host multiple broods of quickly-maturing (and biting) mosquitoes. Remember to store any objects that can collect water indoors or turn them over before you leave the garden.

2. Bird Bath

You may reduce the mosquito population by attracting songbirds and other predators....


And How Termite Inspections Can Keep You From Getting Sick

Homes in southwestern cities like Tucson and Phoenix are especially prone to termite infestations. A termite colony can devour all wooden structures in a home, including wood furniture, in three to five years. Although these bugs are highly destructive, their objective is not to hurt humans. Rather, they want a steady source of food. However, they can be harmful to humans as a byproduct of pursuing their goals. Here are five health hazards these critters pose as they go about the business of eating your house.

1. Bites and Stings

A soldier termite can bite or sting you if it feels threatened or is handled. A termite bite won't kill you, but it can itch, swell, burn and feel very painful, especially if you are predisposed to allergic reactions.

2. Allergies and Asthma

Termite nests release particles and dust that can be spread about the home via your...


Safely Protect Your Reputation Online and in the Real World

It may seem unfair, but even one pest sighting can mean the end of your restaurant's reputation. Whether or not it's due to employee neglect, the sight of an insect or rodent can create the perception of a poorly managed or operated business. Social media platforms and restaurant review apps enable guests to spread the word in minutes, making the need for preventive pest control for restaurants clear.

The Real Costs of Pest Infestations

Besides the damaging effect of customer pest sightings, your restaurant can suffer other financial losses. If an inspection turns up a pest problem, you could fail. In addition to having a low health department score published online and in local newspapers, you may have to pay a hefty fine for harboring pests in your restaurant.

Organic Pest Control Solutions

Organic pest control is a smart solution. Safely nip existing...


Protect your family by turning up the heat on pesky bed bugs.

Bed bugs: nobody wants them, but they're so small, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of them. Meanwhile, you and your family continue to suffer from bug bites in addition to the heebie jeebies that just the mention of these tiny critters can inspire. If you have this pest problem in your home or place of business, you may have looked into bed bug treatment and wonder if heat remediation is right for your bed bug problem.

Why Bed Bugs?

It doesn't matter to these tiny creatures whether they live in cleanliness or squalor, so having bed bugs is no reflection on your housekeeping. Their only source of nutrition is blood, human or animal. They hitchhike with people as they travel from place to place, perhaps stowed away in the fold of a suitcase or between the pages of your day planner. They can survive at length without a meal, according to the...


Don't Let Bugs or Rodents Scare Away Home Buyers

If you're in the real estate business or selling your own home, you need every advantage. Get an edge in one of the easiest ways possible: partnering with an experienced pest control service. While staging experts, professional cleaners and other providers offer valuable services, warding off creepy crawlers is one function that should never be overlooked.

Hidden Problems in the Home

Real estate may be all about location, but if potential buyers catch even a fleeting glimpse of a rodent or insect, the sale is most likely lost. Whether you're the resident or agent, you may not be aware of an infestation. From termites to ants, many pests leave behind few or no clues to their existence. The last thing you want is for a buyer or inspector to find evidence of a problem before you do.

Pest Infestation Signs

Pest prevention and control experts can find out if there's an issue before the first showing. Whether...

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