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Protect your family by turning up the heat on pesky bed bugs.

Bed bugs: nobody wants them, but they're so small, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of them. Meanwhile, you and your family continue to suffer from bug bites in addition to the heebie jeebies that just the mention of these tiny critters can inspire. If you have this pest problem in your home or place of business, you may have looked into bed bug treatment and wonder if heat remediation is right for your bed bug problem.

Why Bed Bugs?

It doesn't matter to these tiny creatures whether they live in cleanliness or squalor, so having bed bugs is no reflection on your housekeeping. Their only source of nutrition is blood, human or animal. They hitchhike with people as they travel from place to place, perhaps stowed away in the fold of a suitcase or between the pages of your day planner. They can survive at length without a meal, according to the...


Don't Let Bugs or Rodents Scare Away Home Buyers

If you're in the real estate business or selling your own home, you need every advantage. Get an edge in one of the easiest ways possible: partnering with an experienced pest control service. While staging experts, professional cleaners and other providers offer valuable services, warding off creepy crawlers is one function that should never be overlooked.

Hidden Problems in the Home

Real estate may be all about location, but if potential buyers catch even a fleeting glimpse of a rodent or insect, the sale is most likely lost. Whether you're the resident or agent, you may not be aware of an infestation. From termites to ants, many pests leave behind few or no clues to their existence. The last thing you want is for a buyer or inspector to find evidence of a problem before you do.

Pest Infestation Signs

Pest prevention and control experts can find out if there's an issue before the first showing. Whether...


Get tough on garden pests and weeds!

Desert climates can be especially inhospitable to non-native plants. Those shrubs, trees and flowering foliage that are better suited to more forgiving climates can become stressed by regional temperature extremes. Without proactive pest control, your carefully nurtured landscape may be in peril. If insects have made your treasured flora their new home, you can take measures to permanently remove them without harming your plants. Additionally, you can eradicate weeds without damaging your landscape. Burns has specialized in this service for over 20 years.

Pest Prevention

Given the time and the determination, both in ample quantities, you can discourage a pest invasion before it gets underway. Prior to planting, start with compost-rich soil that is free of weeds. Clear away garden waste and grass clippings regularly, so they don't become insect or rodent harborage areas. Once your plants are in the ground, watch for any that become sickly, and move them out before pests move in.



Learn to coexist with the swarms and hives near you.

Before taking any action against bees, wasps or other social insects, you need to know exactly what you’re dealing with. Identifying the species in question is always the first step. To get started, talk to a Burns Pest Elimination expert today.

When you see beehives or roving swarms, it’s understandable that your first instinct might be to call a bee exterminator. Bees can be pretty scary, and many people have trouble differentiating between honeybees and stinging wasps. In most cases, however, it's better to favor preservation instead of killing bee hives.

Bee hives play vital roles in keeping the environment livable, and when treated with respect, most aren’t a threat. Here are some tips on eco-conscious bee hive removal. Also, when Bees are in a non-threating location we can inquire into the option of performing a Bee Relocation...


Follow these mosquito prevention tips to avoid being The Meal at your next picnic!

A mosquito infestation can completely ruin the time that you plan to spend outdoors. One or two mosquitoes is no cause for panic, but large numbers of them can leave you wildly slapping at the air and running for cover.

It may seem like the irritating insects magically appear, but a mosquito infestation usually has a preventable root cause. In most cases, standing water is the culprit, because this is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Even small pockets of water can become a perfect breeding ground for the insects. In just a few days, hundreds or even thousands of mosquitoes can emerge from their watery cribs to turn your yard into their personal playground complete with a free buffet.

Mosquitoes Aren’t Just Annoying

Mosquito bites are extremely itchy, and if you’re spending time outdoors, you’re likely to be targeted multiple times. A compulsion to scratch every inch of...


Despite their angry looks, the Arizona Paper Wasp might not be so bad after all…

Is it possible for a pest to be a nuisance and also beneficial at the same time? When it comes to the paper wasp, the answer is a definite ‘Yes’. Think of paper wasps like in-laws. It's okay to see them every now and then, but if they keep popping up every day, they start to wear out their welcome. Arizona is home to many different wasps, from the hornet to the yellow jacket. Though seeing one in the vicinity is usually nothing to worry about, a large wasp infestation can lead to numerous problems for people and pets if not managed carefully.

Types of Arizona Paper Wasps

Paper wasps build small and sometimes elaborate paper nests. Some look like small honeycombs while others look like oversized, tear-shaped pinatas. The most common paper wasps in Arizona are the:

  • Yellow paper wasp
  • ...

Big Myths About Ticks That You've Got to Stop Believing

No one likes ticks, which is why so many folks opt for flea and tick treatment services. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners aren't getting all the help they need with these dangerous pests because they buy into common myths about ticks. Doing so can put you, your family and your pets at risk of contracting serious illnesses including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Here are six of the biggest tick myths that can undermine your safety.

1. You'll Always Feel a Tick Bite

Most people believe that you'll feel a tick bite as soon as it happens. Unfortunately, this isn't true. Tick bites are often painless. You might not realize that you've been bitten by a tick until you see the tick under your skin long after the initial bite.

2. A Single Tick Bite Can Cause Immediate Sickness

While it's true that tick bites can spread disease, a single bite usually isn't...


They’re not as harmless as they look

Pigeons spend much of their time in search of food. They often land on bridges, utility lines and roofs. While these birds don't intend to hurt anyone, they harm people in several significant ways. Here are six reasons why you should avoid them, and a few pigeon control measures you can take to deter them from your property.

1. Bird dung is more than a nuisance. It can corrode metal, kill grass and release an unpleasant odor. If numerous pigeons gather in a small area, their droppings may create a safety hazard by causing walkways to become slippery.

2. Nesting materials and droppings have the potential to damage buildings. They could block a drainage pipe, downspout, vent or chimney. This can result in water leaks or increase the likelihood of a fire.

3. Bird excrement often transmits bacteria and viruses. This usually happens after dried feces turn into airborne dust....


To pack rats, everything is a "collector's item."

Arizonans often use the term "pack rat" to describe people who collect too many belongings. Until they invade your home, it's easy to forget that pack rats are also highly-destructive animals. These large nocturnal rodents feature big ears, furry tails and multicolored hair. They like to collect things in their nests. Such items range from wine corks to jewelry.

Harmful Behavior

When pack rats infest your home or other buildings on your property, they can inflict considerable damage. These creatures may destroy bedding and furniture in an effort to acquire nesting materials. They frequently transmit parasites and diseases. Rats can cause problems outside of the home as well. For instance, they might kill trees by gnawing on the bark. These animals are also known to chew through automotive wiring.

Infestation Clues

If you see a live rat indoors, it's likely that a major infestation...


Battling bugs isn't easy in Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas. Pest control options seem as varied as our insect populations here in the high desert. Do you arm yourself with natural solutions, organic pest control or something more conventional? Which approach is the most cost-effective? What do you need to know to clear up the confusion?

Three Pest Control Options, One Goal

When customers ask about nontoxic pest control, we explain that natural, organic and conventional techniques solve the same problem. Applied correctly, they eliminate insects, and integrated pest management incorporates the best of all three. What kind of return do you get from your bug-busting investment in these different pest control options?

1. Natural Pest Control

This type of pest management inspires real DIY insect-control creativity. Natural bug spray ingredients range from crushed garlic to witch hazel, so they're easily affordable. However, they aren't effective against big...

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