At Burns Pest Elimination we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service. Our specialists possess the knowledge and experience to treat pest problems in your neighborhood with thoroughness and care. You can rest assured that we will provide only the best pest elimination service to your residents and the neighborhood they call home.

If the residents and the community in your Home Owner’s Association have widespread pest problems, or you simply are looking for pest prevention treatment services for your HOA, Burns has the expertise and tools to provide thorough pest treatment for your entire community.

Burns can provide a variety of pest control and extermination services for your neighborhood. Some examples include:

  • Bird Control - If you have loud, pesky and disease carrying birds tormenting your neighborhood, Burns Pest elimination will come in and evict them from the premises.
  • Weed Control – Not all Pests are animals and insects. Contact one of Burn’s weed elimination specialists if the sidewalks and homes in your community have been overrun by these green growing pests.
  • Mosquito Control – If your Arizona Home Owner’s Association is dealing with wide-spread mosquito problems, our treatments will safely and effectively control the mosquito population in your community.


  • Integrated pest management concentrating on cracks, crevices and harborage areas.
  • Personalized service for individual apartments.
  • Dusting of void and plumbing chases.
  • Pressure injection with insect flushing agent.
  • 30 Day service guarantee


  • Structural building base power sprayed with long lasting residual.
  • Granulation of high moisture areas.
  • Treatment of all sprinkler/water boxes.
  • Baiting for target insects (ants, crickets, etc).
  • Containment areas
  • 30 Day service guarantee

Burns Pest Elimination’s monthly service on the exterior of the community includes the exterior of the grounds plus all common areas including clubhouses, offices, laundry and maintenance rooms, plus the entire base area of structures.


  • Premium No Rent Loss Guarantee Program
  • 24 hour 7-day a week emergency services available
  • Dispatched service personnel
  • Insect/problem identification
  • Digital invoicing
  • Customer web portals

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