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Why Feeding Pigeons in Phoenix Invites Pest Problems

Pigeons are no strangers to Phoenix, AZ. You may have even seen the roof of your home or business lined with a flight of them before. However, beware: They may be there to stay, as it is difficult to get rid of a pigeon infestation once these birds make themselves at home.

In Arizona, there have even been legal attempts to eliminate the nuisances and health hazards that pigeons pose. Last year, an ordinance was passed in Phoenix that imposes a fine of up to $2,500 on individuals for feeding pigeons. From spreading diseases to pooping on your property and possessions, the problems persist with these flying pests, which continue to flock to rooftops, gutters, and sidewalks near houses and commercial buildings.

To do your part in preventing pigeon invaders, refrain from feeding them in public or leaving any food scraps around your home. Need pigeon removal services for your building? Request a pest control quote from Burns Pest Elimination. Otherwise, learn more about how and why feeding pigeons can do much more harm than good.

Reasons Not to Feed Pigeons

Especially if you’re a Phoenix resident, hold onto your bread crumbs and crusts—because feeding pigeons is not only against the law, but it also poses dangers to both humans and the pigeons themselves.

The main risks that pigeons present to people come from their acidic droppings that can damage the paint on vehicles or other possessions outside in your yard and driveway. That’s not a good look (or smell) for your home or business. Worst of all, large flocks of pigeons leave behind droppings that carry human diseases—such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis—creating serious health concerns for your family or the public if someone comes into close contact with pigeon waste.

Overfed groups of pigeons may also reproduce at accelerated rates, which is why it’s so important to address an infestation ASAP. Although they may be more like flapping, feathered foes than friends to you, pigeons still need to maintain their natural ability to scavenge for food on their own. The opportunity to be regularly fed by people is one they won’t refuse, yet becoming dependent on humans for their survival is not ideal for either party. Not to mention, bread isn’t a good source of nutrition for these birds; it lacks the proteins and fats that pigeons need in their diets, and large chunks of bread could cause blockages in their digestive systems.

How to Report Someone Feeding Pigeons in Arizona

Unfortunately, choosing to feed pigeons is not merely an isolated act but rather just another contribution to a widespread problem. If you know a neighbor or fellow citizen is feeding pigeons and attracting unwanted birds to your Arizona community, first try to start a simple conversation with them to explain the situation and risks. If you live under a Homeowners Association (HOA), contact them to see if there are any rules or regulations that may be able to put a stop to unlawful feeding. If all else fails, you should get in touch with your specific city or town for assistance and to file a formal complaint.

Send Pigeons Soaring Away with Professional Pest Control

Whether you’re an HOA board member or a business owner, pigeon populations can become territorial and present unique challenges on your property. When these birds continue to congregate on the exterior of your building, it’s time to bring in the Arizona pest control experts.

At Burns Pest Elimination, our pest pros can inspect the premises to identify pigeon habitats or food and water sources. Then, we’ll help determine the best plan of action to disperse the winged wildlife. Request your quote today to get pest control for pigeon removal!