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Particularly in the food service industry, pests can pose a serious problem for your reputation and bottom line. If you have unwelcome guests in your restaurant, kitchen prep area, or other space that handles food, call on the Arizona pest control professionals at Burns Pest Elimination. We understand how essential a clean, sanitary facility is for the food industry to continue delivering top-notch service, which is why we offer only the best commercial pest elimination services—so you can have peace of mind while operating your business, pest-free.


The Risks Pests Pose to Food Establishments

Health and safety standards in the food service industry are nothing to brush off, and neither are pesky invaders—no matter if you spot them once or they’re coming back in droves. Certain pests like roaches and rodents can cause damage to products, carry disease, and in some cases completely spoil a company’s reputation among patrons. Pests may become a problem when they get into exposed food, or they might find their way into stored products such as grains and other dried foods.

Pest Control and Removal for the Food Industry

From kitchens to dining areas to food storage spaces, most restaurants and food service buildings provide ample opportunities and ideal conditions for a variety of hungry pests to thrive. Fortunately, our pest control technicians are equipped to treat all sorts of crawling creatures that might infest your business. With Burns Pest Elimination, you can gain confidence about your establishment meeting crucial health inspection and audit requirements.

We perform pest control services for food businesses to eliminate the following and more:

Exterior Pest Control Treatments

Our pest control process for the exterior of food service buildings includes the following steps:

  • Power-spraying the building’s structural base with a long-lasting residual
  • Applying granular products to high-moisture areas
  • Addressing areas with dumpsters or trash receptacles
  • Baiting for target insects

Interior Pest Control Treatments

Taking an integrated pest management (IPM) approach, Burns will always aim to find the most holistic solution to your restaurant’s pest problem, with methods such as:

  • Treating and filling cracks and crevices
  • Inspecting dry storage and other pest harborage areas
  • Baiting in dining and food prep areas
  • Monitoring for location of pest activity
  • Drain maintenance treatments

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re proud to guarantee your satisfaction with our pest control services for food establishments in Arizona and Nevada; if the pests come back, so will we!

With Burns Pest Elimination, you can get peace of mind with additional perks, including:

  • 30-day treatment guarantee for all services
  • 24/7 emergency services available
  • MSDS books provided
  • Maintenance reports provided for each service via email
  • Online billing and customer web portals

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Whether you operate a restaurant or another facility that prepares and distributes food, Burns Pest Elimination has the commercial pest elimination expertise and resources you need to get back to serving your customers in a pest-free space. Our Arizona pest control services for food service establishments are efficient and effective at getting to the root of the issue while identifying current pest problems. Request a free quote today to get started with your food service pest control program.

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