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Why You Need a Professional Bed Bug Service for Your Hotel

Person opening door to hotel room.

Pest Management Services Protect Your Hotel’s Reputation

From bed bugs to rodents, hotels invite many unwanted guests. Even a slight suggestion that a hotel has a pest problem is enough to send potential customers running in the opposite direction. Today, travelers almost always check online reviews before booking rooms. There are even websites where users report bed bug sightings in hotels. If people lose confidence in your hotel’s cleanliness, it’s almost impossible to regain their trust.

The Importance of Hiring a Commercial Pest Control Service

An effective pest control program should offer proactive protection from would-be infestations. If pests are detected, you need a pest control company that responds quickly and provides discreet services that don’t alarm your guests. A reliable pest control partner can help you avoid infestations, complaints, negative reviews and unhappy guests.

Controlling Bud Bugs in Hotel Rooms

According to a joint bed bug study conducted by the University of Kentucky and the National Pest Management Association, 75 percent of pest control technicians have completed a bed bug treatment in a hotel. When guests discover a problem with the towels or a room’s cleanliness, they usually report it or request a new room. If bed bugs are detected, more than 60 percent of respondents said that they would switch hotels.

Bed bugs travel from room to room by crawling through walls and electrical sockets. Vacuum cleaners pick up these pests and transport them to different parts of the building. The same study found that bed bugs lower the value of hotel rooms by $21 for vacationers and $38 for business travelers. At Burns Pest Elimination, we employ specially trained dogs that sniff out infestations before they affect your bottom line. Then, we can target the bed bug treatment to maximize the results.

Controlling Pests in Commercial Kitchens

Roaches and rodents are predominant pests in commercial kitchens where sources of food and water are plentiful. Food and beverage service can represent up to 50 percent of a hotel’s profits. If your organization depends on income from room service, buffets and restaurants, you need an aggressive pest management strategy. Rodents and cockroaches cause health concerns when they contaminate food products and cooking surfaces. Our pest control technicians only use pesticides and pest control methods that are approved for use in food preparation areas.

Commercial Pest Control for Hotel Common Areas

Every hotel manager makes sure that the lobby is clean and the floors are polished, but it’s easy to overlook the importance of pest control. Birds, flies, and ants are common pests that bug patrons outside and sometimes find their way inside the building. We offer effective treatments that control all of these common pests before they drive away your guests.

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