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Putting Out the Fire (Ants) In Your Yard

If you’ve ever wondered where fire ants got their name, you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t from their reddish color. Learn more about these fascinating (yet potentially dangerous) insects and their behaviors, and find out how to get rid of these pesky pests before they fully invade your Arizona or Nevada home in this blog from the experts at Burns Pest.

What do fire ants look like?

Knowing what fire ants look like can not only help you avoid these tiny pests when they come knocking on your door, but can also assist you when calling for help from a Nevada or Arizona ant control team. Fire ants are known for their aggressive behavior, and commonly share the following physical features:

  • Six legs
  • Red or black in color, with a darker abdomen
  • Hard outer exoskeleton 

Fire ants are traditionally larger than the regular ants you see crawling around your backyard, and their distinct color helps them stand out amongst the other foliage in your lawn. Their homes are easily distinguishable thanks to the dome-shaped structure they create in the soil around the opening of their underground home that can measure up to 1.5 inches high.

What happens when you’re bitten by a fire ant?

If you come across these biting ants in Arizona — or anywhere, for that matter — the main objective is to avoid making them feel threatened. Not only will fire ants become aggressive on an individual level, but they may call for backup as well. These ants can send pheromone signals to the other members of their colony to attack, and that’s when things can get dangerous. 

When they team up, fire ants in Arizona and other southern states can inflict thousands of venomous stings at once. The result can be deadly, especially for the very young and elderly. However, most fire ant bites in Arizona simply form blisters at the site that last about a week, thanks to the venom they inject. Fire ants’ stings are quite painful; in fact, this pest’s name comes from the intense burning sensation produced by their sting.

How to Get Rid of Fire Ants in Arizona

Keeping your home clear of food or beverage trash or spills, and ensuring that the outside of your house does not have any visible holes or entryways that an ant could find its way into your property through, are great ways to ensure that fire ants stay outside where they belong. And while there are DIY methods of ant control you can try on your own, such as store-bought pesticides and sticky traps you can place around your home if you begin to spot them crawling around inside, these methods are not always effective in completely eliminating fire ants and often act as a band-aid, temporarily covering them up without attacking the source. Due to the dangerous nature of fire ants, whenever you need a safe, thorough extermination done, it’s best to call the professionals.

For more than 30 years Burns Pest Elimination has been offering Nevada and Arizona ant control services, keeping you and your home safe from these tricky, dangerous invaders. If you find a swarm of fire ants making their home in yours, don’t panic — call Burns and request a free quote today!