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How Termites Can Damage Your Home

Termites wreak havoc by eating the wood of homes. When they do this, they leave massive holes that can run through parts of the home’s foundation. This will cause potentially severe structural issues. 

When you realize you have a termite problem, quick intervention is essential. The more time termites have to eat away at your home, the more damage they could cause, and the more expensive the repairs will be. 

Types of Termites Found in Arizona

While there are thousands of termite species across the world, only certain species are found in Arizona. There are three common termites in Arizona that you’re most likely to encounter. These three include dampwood termites, drywood termites, and subterranean termites.

Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termites infest structures where high moisture levels are present. If your home has plumbing leaks or other drainage problems, you could be creating an environment that these termites find favorable. 

Dampwood termites are noticeably larger than other types of termites. They have flattened brown and red heads with long black mandibles. 

These Arizona termites are attracted to damp, decaying wood. They especially like to feed on citrus trees and desert shrubs when available, but they can even be found in deep mulch. Therefore, these termites could cause problems in your home or your foliage. 

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites cause more of an issue for Arizonians. Unlike other species of termites, drywood termites don’t need moisture to survive, making the dry Arizona environment a perfect place for them to live. These insects can eat through any type of wood, such as on your home, deck, or furniture. 

You can easily identify drywood termites. They have large jaws, are two-toned in color, and have a brown head and thorax. Typically, these termites stay close to doors or window sills. 

While they don’t pose a health risk to humans, their wood-destroying habits can cause extensive damage. Stay on the lookout for hard fecal pellets to determine if you have a problem. This is called frass, and it may look like small piles of sawdust from afar.

A pile of termite frass has collected on the ground near damaged wood

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites require the moisture from the soil to survive, so they live underground but still feed on wood that is above ground. They build narrow tunnels made of their saliva, wood, and dirt to travel from underground to above-ground food sources without exposing themselves to potential predators or dry environments. Seeing these tubes is a sign you have a subterranean termite problem around your home. 

Subterranean termites are typically a cream color with dark brown or black spots. These colonies could contain tens of thousands to even a million termites.

While the other types of termites typically stick to eating wood, subterranean termites could damage various parts of your home. If you have a pool, they could eat the liner in their pursuit of moisture. They’re also known to eat through insulation and carpet.

Common Signs of a Termite Infestation

It’s important to look out for the signs of termites in Arizona. That way, you can eradicate an infestation before it causes more damage to your home. Signs that you could have a termite infestation include:

  • Your windows and doors are starting to stick
  • There is damage underneath paint or wallpaper
  • You see termite droppings
  • You find holes or tubes around the outside of the home

If you see these signs, it’s best to quickly have your home inspected by a professional. The damage termites can cause to your property is vast and can greatly impact the home’s structural integrity. Even if the structure of the home doesn’t get impacted, termites can still damage carpet, walls, furniture, and other flooring. 

How to Best Treat a Termite Infestation in Arizona

The best way to treat a termite infestation is to call the professionals at Burns Pest Elimination. Our team knows how to treat termites in Arizona so they can no longer cause problems in your home, preventing even further damage and more expensive repairs.

Several termites are inside of a hollow section of wood.

Contact Us to Get Rid of Termites Today

Unfortunately, termites are common in Arizona. The best way to combat them is to have our professional team come out and eliminate the problem. Our Arizona termite control services come with a satisfaction guarantee. 

At Burns Best Control, we also understand you want it fixed fast when you discover a termite problem. Therefore, we strive for the quickest response times we can provide, and we always show up on time. 

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